Final plat definition

Final plat means the recordable map or other graphical representation of land prepared in accordance with Utah Code Xxx. § 10-9a-603, (2021), and approved by the City effectuating a Subdivision of any portion of the Property.

Examples of Final plat in a sentence

  • The storm sewer easement platted on the Bradford – Raab Final plat will remain.

  • In consideration of a Combined preliminary/ Final plat subdivision the Decision maker shall make the following findings:Potential conclusions have been drafted based on the Planning Official’srecommendation.

More Definitions of Final plat

Final plat means a map of a subdivision under this Chapter which has been surveyed by a licensed professional land surveyor and acknowledged by the owner, and which accurately depicts streets, alleys, easements, blocks, lots, survey monuments, public/private improvements, and other attributes of a PAD subdivision.
Final plat means a drawing prepared in a manner prescribed by local regulation, that shows a proposed subdivision, containing in such additional detail as shall be provided by local regulation all information required to be shown on a preliminary plat and the modifications, if any, required by the planning board at the time of approval of the preliminary plat if such preliminary plat has been so approved.
Final plat shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5(a).