Ownership of Intellectual Property Sample Clauses

Ownership of Intellectual Property. Any intellectual property that originates from or is developed by a Party shall remain the exclusive property of that Party. Except for a limited, non-assignable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use patents or copyrights to the extent necessary for the Parties to use any facilities or equipment (including software) or to receive any service solely as provided under this Agreement, no license in patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret, or other proprietary or intellectual property right, now or hereafter owned, controlled or licensable by a Party, is granted to the other Party. Neither shall it be implied nor arise by estoppel. Any trademark, copyright or other proprietary notices appearing in association with the use of any facilities or equipment (including software) shall remain on the documentation, material, product, service, equipment or software. It is the responsibility of each Party to ensure at no additional cost to the other Party that it has obtained any necessary licenses in relation to intellectual property of third Parties used in its network that may be required to enable the other Party to use any facilities or equipment (including software), to receive any service, or to perform its respective obligations under this Agreement.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. Employee agrees that the Company shall own, and Employee shall (and hereby does) assign, all right, title and interest (including patent rights, copyrights, trade secret rights, mask work rights, trademark rights, and all other intellectual and industrial property rights of any sort throughout the world) relating to any and all inventions (whether or not patentable), works of authorship, mask works, designs, know-how, ideas and information authored, created, contributed to, made or conceived or reduced to practice, in whole or in part, by Employee during the period in which Employee is or has been employed by or affiliated with the Company or any other member of the Company Group that either (a) relate, at the time of conception, reduction to practice, creation, derivation or development, to any member of the Company Group’s businesses or actual or anticipated research or development, or (b) were developed on any amount of the Company’s or any other member of the Company Group’s time or with the use of any member of the Company Group’s equipment, supplies, facilities or trade secret information (all of the foregoing collectively referred to herein as “Company Intellectual Property”), and Employee shall promptly disclose all Company Intellectual Property to the Company. All of Employee’s works of authorship and associated copyrights created during the period in which Employee is employed by or affiliated with the Company or any member of the Company Group and in the scope of Employee’s employment shall be deemed to be “works made for hire” within the meaning of the Copyright Act. Employee shall perform, during and after the period in which Employee is or has been employed by or affiliated with the Company or any other member of the Company Group, all reasonable acts deemed necessary by the Company to assist the Company Group, at the Company’s expense, in obtaining and enforcing its rights throughout the world in the Company Intellectual Property. Such acts may include execution of documents and assistance or cooperation (i) in the filing, prosecution, registration, and memorialization of assignment of any applicable patents, copyrights, mask work, or other applications, (ii) in the enforcement of any applicable patents, copyrights, mask work, moral rights, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights, and (iii) in other legal proceedings related to the Company Intellectual Property.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. The Executive agrees that all inventions, copyrightable material, software, formulas, trademarks, trade secrets and the like which are developed or conceived by the Executive in the course of his employment by the Company or on the Company’s time or property (collectively, the “Intellectual Property”) shall be disclosed promptly to the Company and the Company shall own all right, title and interest in and to the Intellectual Property. The parties expressly agree that any and all of the Intellectual Property developed by the Executive shall be considered works made-for-hire for the Company pursuant to the United States Copyright Act of 1976, as amended from time to time. In order to ensure that the Company shall own all right, title and interest in and to the Intellectual Property in the event that any of the Intellectual Property is not deemed a work made-for-hire (as defined in the Copyright Act of 1976) and in any other event, the Executive hereby sells and assigns all right, title and interest in and to all such Intellectual Property to the Company, and the Executive covenants and agrees to affix to the Intellectual Property appropriate legends and copyright notices indicating the Company’s ownership of all Intellectual Property and all underlying documentation to the extent reasonably appropriate, and shall execute such instruments of transfer, assignment, conveyance or confirmation as the Company reasonably considers necessary to transfer, confirm, vest, perfect, maintain or defend the Company’s right, title and interest in and to the Intellectual Property throughout the world. The Executive’s obligation under this Section 9(b) to assign to the Company inventions created or conceived by him shall not apply to an invention that he developed entirely on his own time without using the Company’s equipment, supplies, facilities, or trade secret information, provided that those inventions (i) do not or did not relate directly, at the time of conception or reduction to practice of the invention, to the Company’s business as conducted at such time or actual or demonstrably anticipated research or development of the Company; and (ii) do not or did not result from any work performed by him for the Company.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. Subject to applicable law, the Executive acknowledges and agrees that all work performed, and all ideas, concepts, materials, products, software; documentation, designs, architectures, specifications, flow charts, test data, programmer's notes, deliverables, improvements, discoveries, methods, processes, or inventions, trade secrets or other subject matter related to the Company's business (collectively, "Materials") conceived, developed or prepared by the Executive alone, or with others, during the period of Executive's employment by the Company in written, oral, electronic, photographic, optical or any other form are the property of the Company and its successors or assigns, and all rights, title and interest therein shall vest in the Company and its successors or assigns, and all Materials shall be deemed to be works made for hire and made in the course of the Executive's employment by the Company. To the extent that title to any Materials has not or may not, by operation of law, vest in the Company and its successors or assigns, or such Materials may not be considered works made for hire. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties acknowledge and understand that Executive may previously have developed and may continue to develop certain ideas, concepts and designs which are unrelated to the business of the Company and may continue to do so provided that such activities do not interfere with his duties under this Agreement.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted to transfer ownership of any copyright, trademarks or service marks from the Licensor or its suppliers to the Licensee or Authorized Users.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. 16. All intellectual property and related materials (the Intellectual Property”) that is developed or produced under this Agreement, will be the property of the Consultant. The Client is granted a non-exclusive limited-use license of this Intellectual Property.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. (a) The Company will be the sole owner of any and all of Executive’s Inventions that are related to the Company’s business, as defined in more detail below.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. AVP acknowledges and agrees that the MLS Listing Information is proprietary, original works of authorship of MLS, may consist of information for which MLS has sufficient rights to grant this license, and is protected under United States copyright law. AVP further acknowledges and agrees that all right, title, and interest in and to the MLS Listing Information and any modifications, enhancements, or derivative works of the MLS Listing Information, are and shall remain with MLS. This Agreement does not convey or grant to AVP an interest in or to the MLS Listing Information, but only a limited right to access and display the MLS Listing Information, revocable in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. AVP agrees that it will not challenge or take any action inconsistent with MLS’s ownership of or rights to the MLS Listing Information as described herein.
Ownership of Intellectual Property. Employee expressly acknowledges that all trademarks, trade dress, copyrightable works, patentable inventions, ideas, new or novel inventions, concepts, systems, methods of operation, improvements, strategies, techniques, trade secrets including, but not limited to, customers (including, but not limited to, customer names, contact information, historical and/or theoretical play, or other information, and the right to market to such customers), data of any type or nature and regardless of the form or media, as well as all materials of any type of nature that comprise, reflect or embody any of the foregoing including, without limitation, databases, software, artistic works, advertisements, brochures, marketing plans, customer lists, memoranda, business plans, and proposals (collectively, “Intellectual Property”) created, conceived, developed, contributed to, or otherwise obtained, in whole or in part by the Employee during the term of [his/her] employment by Employer shall at all times be owned by Employer (and is hereby expressly assigned by Employee to Employer) if the Intellectual Property: (a) was created, conceived, developed, or contributed to: (1) using any of Employer’s property or resources; (2) on Employer’s premises; or (3) during Employee’s hours of employment; or (b) relates to Employee’s employment by Employer, even though creation of such Intellectual Property was not within the scope of Employee’s duties and responsibilities for which the Employer employs the Employee. All works of authorship created by Employee within the scope of this provision shall be deemed works made for hire as defined in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 101 . To the extent such works are deemed not to be works of authorship, Employee hereby irrevocably assigns (or authorizes Employer to act as Employee’s agent to assign) all right, title and interest in and to the copyrights in the works, including, without limitation, right of attribution and all related moral rights, to the Employer. Employee further agrees that any inventions and trade secrets covered by this provision shall be owned absolutely and exclusively by Employer, including all patent rights throughout the world. Employee acknowledges that this provision provides Employer with rights greater than provided under certain applicable laws including, without limitation, Nevada Revised Statutes § 600.500. Employee shall promptly inform Employer about such patentable inventions and shall not disclose to any ...