Notice to Employer Sample Clauses

Notice to Employer. The Executive agrees that as long as the provisions of Section 10(a) or 10(b) continue to bind the Executive, he will provide written notice of the terms and provisions of this Section 10 to any prospective employer.
Notice to Employer a. Except in cases of imminent danger to the health or safety of the unit member, a unit member must give the College appropriate advance notice of their leave from work.
Notice to Employer. You agree to notify us immediately of any other persons or entities for whom you work or provide services during the Specified Term or within the Restrictive Period. You further agree to promptly notify us, during the Specified Term, of any contacts made by any gaming licensee which concern or relate to an offer to employ you or for you to provide consulting or other services.
Notice to Employer. The Executive hereby authorizes the Company to notify the relevant provisions of this Agreement and the Executive’s obligations under this Agreement to the actual or future employer of the Executive (including the Affiliate with which the Executive will work).
Notice to Employer. Employee will give notice to Employer, within ten days after accepting any other employment, of the identity of Employee’s new employer. Employer may notify such employer that Employee is bound by this Agreement and, at Employer’s election, furnish such employer with a copy of this Agreement or with any relevant portions thereof.
Notice to Employer. Any notice to be given to the Employer under these conditions shall be sent by Airmail, Regd. Post, cable, telex or facsimile transmission to or left at the respective address notified for that purpose in the letter of award, or handed over to the Employer’s representative, authorized, to receive it.
Notice to Employer. (1) The employee shall give the Employer four (4) weeks notice in writing of the day upon which the employee intends to commence parental leave, together with a medical certificate certifying that the employee/the spouse is pregnant and giving the estimated date of delivery.
Notice to Employer. An employee desiring to resign should, whenever possible, file a letter of resignation with the Employer at least ten (10) days prior to the effective date of the resignation. An employee, who resigns, shall not forfeit his right to earned vacation time and accrued longevity earned.