Newly Sample Clauses

Newly hired employees shall be granted one-half (½) day of administrative leave after each full calendar month of employment to a maximum of three (3) days during the remainder of the calendar year in which he/she is employed. Thereafter, administrative leaves shall be credited at the beginning of each calendar year.
Newly hired Teachers who expect to be compensated at a level higher than Category 1 must submit proof of this level to the Manager of Employee Relations by December 31, in order to be retroactive to September 1 of Semester 1 and by May 31, in order to be retroactive to February 1 of Semester II. If delays, which are beyond the control of the Teacher, are experienced in receiving this proof, a copy of the letter explaining the delay must be submitted by December 31 or May 31, respectively. Grid Placement
Newly promoted Employees shall complete a promotional probationary period of one hundred eighty (180) calendar days from the first day such Employee serves in the higher rank. Newly-promoted Employees shall have the full effect of all benefits and provisions provided for within this Agreement during such promotional probationary period. Any Employee, who, in the sole discretion of the Fire Chief, fails probation, shall be returned to their former position just prior to promotion with all applicable wage or benefit increases that would have normally accrued. A failure of probation is not a disciplinary action and is not subject to appeal under the arbitration provisions of this Agreement.
Newly hired full-time Employees shall be considered probationary for a period of three hundred sixty-five (365) calendar days from the first day that the Employee reports to work. Employees retained by the Township beyond the probationary period acquire seniority as of the first day of work.
Newly hired faculty members shall start work approximately four (4) weeks before the start of any semester. New faculty who begin work while a semester is in session or between semesters shall not have teaching responsibilities before the start of their first full semester. They shall spend their non-teaching time participating in College and divisional orientation activities and preparing for teaching and/or other faculty responsibilities. For the purpose of calculating service toward tenure, a year is defined in Article 13(C)(1).
Newly hired employees are not paid for any days missed due to illness or injury during the first forty (40) days of their probationary period but will receive a credit of two (2) days after the first forty (40) days and an additional two (2) days of accumulated sick leave upon the successful completion of their probation. In the event that the initial probationary period is extended by the University, the employee will receive a further credit of one (1) day of accumulated sick leave during the first extension and, if necessary, one (1) day during the second extension.
Newly hired teachers or teachers who have a change in their certificate must file their valid certificate and their official transcript of credits with the Human Resources Department by September 15th. Failure to file the certificate or official transcript shall result in withholding of pay until such filing has been completed. Further, all newly employed secondary teachers shall provide the building principal with an official copy of their transcript.
Newly employed teachers shall be permitted to transfer sick leave credits accumulated with a previous Board to a maximum of two hundred and eighty (280) days.
Newly. Hired Staff Component: The newly-hired staff component of the STAR Program offers all newly-hired teachers the support, advice, and direction necessary to make their first year’s experience in the SPS as successful as possible. Consulting teachers work with newly-hired teachers and coach, assist and assess their classroom performance.