Moderate income definition

Moderate income means more than 50 percent but less than 80
Moderate income means households whose income does not exceed 120 percent of area median income pursuant to Health and Safety Code, section 50093.
Moderate income means household income which is between eighty percent (80%) and one hundred percent (100%) of Grand County Area Median Income as defined by HUD.

Examples of Moderate income in a sentence

  • Low- to Moderate- Income (LMI) – Low to moderate income people are those having incomes not more than the “moderate-income” level (80% Area Median Family Income) set by the federal government for the HUD-assisted housing programs.

  • The Developer agrees to maintain for five years following the initial rental of the last Low and Moderate Income Unit and for five years following all future rentals, a record of all newspaper advertisements, outreach letters, translations, leaflets, and any other outreach efforts (collectively "Marketing Documentation") as described in the Marketing Plan as approved by DHCD which may be inspected at any time by DHCD.

  • Prior to marketing or otherwise making available for rental any of the Units, the Developer must obtain DHCD's approval of a marketing plan (the "Marketing Plan") for the Low and Moderate Income Units.

  • All Low and Moderate Income Units to be occupied by families must contain two or more bedrooms.

  • The Developer and the Municipality agree that if at any time prior to or during the process of marketing the Low and Moderate Income Units, DHCD determines that the Developer, or the Municipality with respect to aspects of the Marketing Plan that the Municipality has agreed to be responsible for, has not adequately complied with the approved Marketing Plan, that the Developer or Municipality as the case may be, shall conduct such additional outreach or marketing efforts as shall be determined by DHCD.

More Definitions of Moderate income

Moderate income means income that is more than 80 percent and not more than 120
Moderate income means gross household income adjusted for family size that is at or below 115 percent (115%) of Area Median Income, but more than Eighty percent (80%) of Area Median Income.
Moderate income means income above 80 percent and at or below 120 percent of the area median income.
Moderate income means more than 50 percent but less than 80 percent of the median gross household income for households of the same size within the housing region in which the household is located, based upon the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD’s) Section 8 Income Limits (uncapped) averaged across counties for the housing region.
Moderate income means a gross annual household income
Moderate income means households whose income does not exceed the moderate income limits applicable to Sacramento County, as published and periodically updated by the State Department of Community Development pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 50093.
Moderate income means aggregate household income between eighty percent and one hundred and twenty percent of area median income, as determined by HUD.