Diversions Sample Clauses

Diversions. If for any reason beyond the Carrier's control (eg. Weather) the Aircraft is diverted from any destination shown in the Flight Schedule to another destination the flight shall be deemed to be complete when the Aircraft arrives at that other destination.
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Diversions. (1) Except as provided in this Article neither the United States of America nor Canada shall, without the consent of the other evidenced by an exchange of notes, divert for any use, other than a consumptive use, any water from its natural channel in a way that alters the flow of any water as it crosses the Canada-United States of America boundary within the Columbia River basin.
Diversions. Employees shall retain the right to divert monies generated from any wage increase to existing pension benefits, with mutual agreement of the Union.
Diversions. If, for reasons of safety or security or other operational reasons not being the fault of Carrier or attributable to Customer or any passengers, the Aircraft is diverted from any scheduled destination specified in the Flight Schedule, Carrier shall use its reasonable endeavor's to procure that, as soon as reasonably practicable after arrival at such alternate destination, the Aircraft is flown to its scheduled destination. Carrier shall have no liability or responsibility to Customer or any other party for any delay to passengers, baggage or cargo so occasioned. The Customer will be responsible for the additional costs and expenses incurred by as a result of the diversion and/or the flight to the scheduled destination.
Diversions a. New York City In accordance with Sections III. A. 3-4 of the Decree, and subject to the limitations provided herein, at no time during any twelve-month period, commencing June 1, shall the aggregate total quantity of water diverted by the City, divided by the number of days elapsed since the preceding May 31, exceed 800 million gallons per day (mgd). The City shall be subject to the releases and flow objectives described herein.
Diversions. Dealer shall pay all charges accruing after delivery of Isuzu Products to Dealer or to carrier for transportation to Dealer, including, but not limited to, charges for demurrage and storage. If diversions of shipments are made upon Dealer's request or because of Dealer's failure or refusal to accept delivery thereof, Dealer shall be responsible for and pay any additional costs or expenses thereby incurred.
Diversions. The Government and the Contractor have the right to divert any trip due to the threat of, or actual hostilities, weather, medical emergency or natural disaster. The Contractor shall be paid the AMC rate for Government directed diversions.
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Diversions. United will pay Contractor under the terms of this Agreement for all Contractor United Express diverted flights that are completed within * hours of the scheduled arrival time. The cost of busing will be borne by the Contractor at all times and is not reimbursable by United. Contractor will use its best efforts to assure that no bus segment exceeds * as defined in the Apollo mileage database. In the event a diverted flight is not completed within the * hour time frame, United will pay Contractor for the originally scheduled departure provided that both of the following conditions apply (i) the diversion is outside of the control of Contractor and (ii) the destination airport was open for FAR Part 121 flights at the time of departure and forecasted to be open at the time of arrival. Contractor will pay for any repositioning costs, which costs shall not be reimbursable by United. Upon request by United, Contractor and United agree to meet to discuss opportunities to reduce the number of Contractor diversions and costs associated with such diversions.
Diversions. This Agreement does not authorize a water diversion of any kind, regardless of size or type.
Diversions. If for any reason beyond Catreus’ control the Aircraft is diverted from any destination shown in the Flight Schedule to another destination the flight shall be deemed to be complete when the Aircraft lands at that other destination.
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