NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. (a) When a new job classification is introduced which is not included in the list of classifications in Appendix "A" and/or "B", the Company and the Union shall promptly negotiate a wage rate for such classification.
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NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. 18.01 When the Company decides to create a new job classification which is covered by the terms of this Agreement or when an existing job classification is substantially altered so that it results in a new job classification, the Company shall determine the rate of pay for such new classification and notify the Association of the same.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. 12.01 In the event any new job classification shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Union, a rate of pay will be negotiated at that time.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. Section 21.1. The Union will be notified of the creation of any new classifications in grades 1 through 11 of the support personnel salary table. The College and the Union shall meet and discuss the inclusion and/ or exclusion of such classification within the bargaining unit and the appropriate wage rate therefore. In the event the College and the Union are unable to reach agreement on the issue, the College shall establish a temporary rate and classification and will promptly notify the Union in writing. Thereafter, the Union can file a grievance at Step 4 of the Grievance Procedure; and if the matter goes to arbitration, the arbitrator shall have the authority to establish a new rate and classification or to place the job in an existing classification rate which shall be retroactive to the date the College placed the temporary rate into effect. The arbitrator shall be ruled by the criteria set forth in Article 2 on the question of inclusion or exclusion and shall be ruled by pay grades in similar jobs at the College with respect to wage rates.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. A. The SEIU District 1199 Executive Board Member/Chair will be notified electronically of the posting of any new positions in the professional staff no later than the first day of the posting or advertising for the position. The notice shall include the relevant information related to the position. At the Union’s request, the University and the Union shall meet and discuss the inclusion and/or exclusion of such position within the bargaining unit and, if within the unit, appropriateness of the salary grade.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. Notwithstanding article 2.01, the University may create a job classification not provided for in this collective agreement. If so, the University shall notify the Union one (1) month in advance of the duties, requirements and salary for the job classification.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. The Employer will provide notice to the Union seven (7) working days prior to the posting of any new job classification covered by this Agreement. Such notice shall include the following, if available: a class specification, a posting, and the FLSA designation. The information shall also include the salary range and job family that the Employer deems appropriate, the number of vacancies to be posted (if any), the anticipated date of posting, and meet and confer with the Union if requested.
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NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. When and if the Employer creates a new job classification or effects a substantial alteration of the job content of an existing job classification, it shall set an hourly wage therefore, and advise the Association in writing of the proposed hourly wage. If the Association disagrees, it shall notify the Employer in writing ten (10) regularly scheduled working days after receipt of such written notice of its desire to negotiate with the Employer regarding such proposed salary. If a mutually satisfactory solution is not reached within thirty (30) calendar days after serving such notice on the Employer, the issue may be referred to the Grievance Procedure starting at the Second Step thereof. If, in the above procedure, a different hourly rate is arrived at, the different rate shall become effective retroactively to the date the job classification was created or the job content thereof was changed. Failure of the Association to notify the Employer in writing of its desire to negotiate within the ten (10) day period of having served such notice or failure to refer the matter to the Grievance Procedure within the aforementioned thirty (30) day period shall constitute acceptance by the Association of the hourly rate set by the Employer.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. 28.01 If a new permanent job is established, or if there is a substantial change to an existing job, the Employer will have the job evaluated by a third-party consultant using the XxXxxxxx gender neutral job evaluation tool. The Employer will use the job evaluation results to set the pay rate for the job, in order to ensure internal equity and fair compensation. The Employer will notify the Union of the results of the job evaluation and provide the information used to determine the rate of pay. Any disputes will be addressed through the grievance/arbitration procedure.
NEW JOB CLASSIFICATION. If, during the term of this Agreement, a new classification in the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital or the Hospital makes a substantial change in the job content of an existing classification which in reality causes such classification to become a new classification, the Hospital shall advise the Union of such new or changed classification and the rate of pay established.
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