EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. Section 15.8 The Company in its sole discretion has used and will continue to use the following employee classifications:
EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. The parties recognize that certain positions shall be less than a twelve (12) month period each year. The parties further recognize that on occasion it is necessary to employ additional personnel to perform the duties of an absent full time employee or otherwise to assist in performing the workload then existing. To distinguish these various classifications, the following definitions and provisions are agreed upon.
EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. 11.1 The provisions of the present agreement shall apply to all departments and clauses specific to each Department as outlined in Schedule “A” annexed and forming part of this Agreement.
EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. 8.01 Employee classifications and wage rates are included under the appendices for each of the Project sites and are attached to this Agreement. Should it become necessary to delete or add a classification of employees at a particular Project site, such addition or deletion shall be done only with agreement between the Union and the Company.
EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. Section 1: For the purposes of this Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “Agreement”) employees fall within one of the following classifications:
EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. The following classifications of bargaining unit employees shall be recognized: custodians, paraprofessionals and interpreters. Interpreters employed as of June 30, 2014 shall remain under their current bargaining unit status. Interpreters hired July 1, 2014 and after shall be non-affiliated employees.
EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATIONS. 4.1 There shall be two (2) employee classifications defined as follows: Building Mechanic, General Maintenance Helper.