Relevant Information Sample Clauses

Relevant Information. The Issuer shall cause each Service Provider having Relevant Information in its possession to make such Relevant Information available to the Administrator and the Manager not later than 1:00 p.m., New York City time, at least five Business Days prior to each Payment Date.
Relevant Information. The Employer shall provide to the Association President or the President’s designee in accordance with Chapter 150E such information as is necessary for the proper discharge of its duties as the exclusive bargaining agent. Such information shall be provided by October 15 of each year and shall include, but not be limited to, • A copy of the college payroll(s) at each College, • The number of vacant and filled full-time positions at each College, • The enrollment figures by program at each College, • A list of all new full-time unit members and specific course assignments for the fall semester. (Due February 28 for the Spring semester) Such list shall include name, starting salary, funding source, and rank, address and home telephone number. • Copies of job postings. • A list of all part-time unit members and specific course assignments for the fall semester. (Due February 28 for the spring semester) Such list shall include name, salary, anticipated number of hours worked or percent of full-time equivalent appointment, address and home telephone number, and benefit status. The President of the College or the President’s designee shall provide to the Chapter President copies of: • The tentative class schedule for all full-time faculty members for the subsequent semester no later than the dates by which the faculty members must be notified of these tentative schedules as provided in Article XII, and • The class schedules of all faculty members whose class schedules differ from their tentative class schedules no later than the end of the first week of classes each semester. In accordance with Article XVI, the President of the College or the President’s designee shall provide to the President of the Association or the President’s designee and the Chapter President copies of • All unit vacancies within three (3) days after the President of the College or the President’s designee determines that a vacancy exists. The implementation of this Article shall not require the College to compile such information in the form requested unless already compiled in that form. The information provided by the Employer to the Association, pursuant to this collective bargaining agreement, shall be sent by the Employer to an electronic address to be designated by the Association.
Relevant Information. Nexus may supply to Network Rail operational information (including information in relation to the utilisation of Nexus’s staff and the Specified Equipment) which, provided that the information is supplied to Network Rail in a reasonable format and in sufficient time to enable Network Rail to consider its contents prior to the taking of the relevant decision, Network Rail shall take into account in applying the Decision Criteria under Condition D64th of the Access Conditions.
Relevant Information. The employer shall make available to the Association upon its request such information as may be relevant to negotiations or reasonably necessary for the proper enforcement of the Agreement. The employer shall not be required to originate or compile the information, but the information shall be furnished in the form in which it is readily available. Confidential material will not be furnished.
Relevant Information. CSEA agrees to furnish relevant information needed 31 by the District to fulfill the provisions of this Article. 32
Relevant Information. CME shall provide NYMEX with all data and other information maintained by CME necessary to transfer responsibility for providing the CME Services to another entity and all hardcopy records of NYMEX Data maintained by CME, except that CME may retain copies of such data and other information for appropriate archival, regulatory and surveillance purposes. Such data and other information shall be provided to NYMEX on magnetic tape or such other storage medium, and in such format, reasonably acceptable to NYMEX.