Negotiation Committee Sample Clauses

Negotiation Committee. The Hospital will recognize a Negotiation Committee of up to eight (8) nurses from the Bargaining Unit. Nurses on the Negotiating Team will be scheduled to work the day tour on days that the Negotiating Teams are meeting and will be paid as though they had worked.
Negotiation Committee. The Employer agrees to recognize a Negotiating Committee comprised of two (2) representatives of the Union for the purpose of negotiating a renewal Agreement. The Employer agrees to compensate representatives of the Union for one hundred percent (100%) of wages of regular hours of work when meeting with the Employer in negotiations for a renewal Agreements up to the application for conciliation and fifty percent (50%) of wages lost thereafter up to but not including arbitration. The Union will advise the Employer in writing of the Union Nominees to the Committee.
Negotiation Committee. The District recognizes a negotiating committee not to exceed six (6) employees. The Association shall furnish the District a written list of the members of its negotiating committee. The District shall furnish the Association a written list of the members of its negotiating committee. The negotiating committees for the District and the Association shall represent the respective bodies in meetings for the purpose of collective bargaining. The members of the negotiating committee who are engaged in negotiations with the District during the work day shall be entitled to release time without loss of salary provided, however that negotiations may, at the discretion of the District, be conducted on off duty hours in an amount not to exceed one-half of the total negotiation time.
Negotiation Committee. The Hospital acknowledges the right of the Union to appoint or otherwise select a Negotiating Committee of up to three (3) bargaining unit members comprised of two (2) nurses and one (1) employee from allied health.
Negotiation Committee. The Employer will recognize a Negotiation Committee consisting of up to two (2) permanent full-time Nurses and one (1) permanent part-time Nurse.
Negotiation Committee. In the four months preceding the expiration of the Collective Agreement, the parties agree to determine the number of employees to be allowed to absent themselves from their work, without loss of salary and benefits, for the negotiation sessions with the Company for the purpose of renewing the present agreement, until the right to strike or lock out has been obtained. Such payment of salary will continue to be effected on the condition, however, that the said bargaining sessions take place during the regular scheduled shifts of work for the said employees.
Negotiation Committee. 7.09 The Employer Acknowledges the right of the Union to appoint or otherwise select a Negotiating Committee that will consist of five (5) Union Members from the Bargaining Unit and H.E.R.E. Local 75 Business Representative(s) and will recognize and deal with the said Committee with respect to any matter which properly arises from time to time during the term of this Agreement, and the said Committee will co-operate with the Employer in the Administration of the Agreement.