Negotiation Sessions Sample Clauses

Negotiation Sessions. Negotiations sessions shall be in open session. Caucuses, recesses or adjournment of negotiating sessions may be called by either party and are not bound to the open session laws.
Negotiation Sessions. Negotiation sessions shall be held at mutually agreed times and places with the intent to reach a draft agreement satisfactory to the agents of both the Board and the Association prior to the termination of this AGREEMENT. Tentative agreements established during the negotiation sessions shall be placed in writing as these tentative agreements occur, and shall be dated and initialed by both parties. Any such tentative agreements are contingent upon executing a successor agreement.
Negotiation Sessions. The District agrees to meet and participate in negotiations with the duly designated representative of the Association as defined in Section A above. Both parties agree to meet at reasonable times and negotiate salaries, extra duty increments, and other matters mutually agreed upon. Extra duties (see Appendix “B”) have only monetary considerations.
Negotiation Sessions. All negotiation sessions by the parties shall commence at a time mutually agreeable.
Negotiation Sessions. Any and all negotiation sessions shall be conducted in private unless both parties mutually agree to do otherwise.
Negotiation Sessions. All negotiations shall be held in Executive Session.