Other Leaves of Absence Sample Clauses

Other Leaves of Absence. In the event that you are on a bona fide leave of absence, not otherwise described in this definition, from which you have not returned to employment with the Company or an Affiliate, your Separation from Service has occurred on the first day on which your leave of absence period exceeds six months or, if earlier, upon your termination of employment (provided that such termination of employment constitutes a Separation from Service in accordance with the last sentence of the first paragraph of this definition).
Other Leaves of Absence. 1. A faculty member may be granted a leave of absence without pay of up to one
Other Leaves of Absence. Section 1: Leaves of absence may be granted by the Hospitals without pay to attend conventions or other meetings of ONA and/or of XXX. The number of nurses authorized to attend any said convention or meeting will be determined by the Hospitals and will be contingent upon the needs of patient care at the time, as determined by the Hospitals.
Other Leaves of Absence. Requests for leaves of absence for reasons other than illness, disability, pregnancy or jury duty shall be made in writing and a copy thereof sent to the Union by the Hospital. Such requests may be granted at the discretion of the Hospital.
Other Leaves of Absence. A. Leave Without Pay to Work at the State Legislature. With the approval of the chief executive, and upon request of a member of the State Legislature, a regular Employee may be granted a leave of absence without pay to render service at the State Legislature. The leave without pay shall be for a duration of no more than twelve (12) months. The Employee shall have return rights as provided in paragraph I.
Other Leaves of Absence. Unless otherwise specifically denoted within a section, all requests for leaves of absence or returns from leaves of absence including leave requests for reduced or modified contracts must be submitted to Employee Services prior to March 1st of each year. Teachers who are unable to return from previously approved leaves of absence must provide advance notice as soon as practical, to Employee Services to determine the teacher’s employment status. Individual teachers who have been absent for more than one year due to physical and/or mental impairments may be subject to the provisions of Minn. Stat. § 122A.40, Subd. 13.