Leave Requests Sample Clauses

Leave Requests. Unless prohibited by military necessity, employees must provide the University with a copy of their orders at the time they request military leave. Requests for military leave will be made as soon as reasonably practical after the employee learns of the need for such leave.
Leave Requests. Leave is not approved, unless it is an emergency or exceptional circumstances. If a parent is intending to take his/her child out of the College on leave, a request must be made in writing to the Principal at least two weeks before the planned departure. It is a legislative requirement that students attend school. Only the College Principal can grant an exemption from attendance as a result of exceptional circumstances. Consequently, parents are required to submit a leave request letter and form (obtained from Student Services or the College website) which provides the following details to the Principal: ● first and last day of leave ● reason for the request for leave The Principal will notify the parent/s of the outcome of the leave request in a written response. Students who go on planned leave without requesting leave from the Principal, will receive a ZERO PENALTY for any Assessment Task that is missed during their leave. Students who go on leave will, be required to submit/complete any assessment task they will miss BEFORE their departure. This will be arranged with the class teacher, approved by the Leader of Learning and communicated to the Head of Learning. Communication of the new date for completion/submission of the Assessment Task will be provided to the student in writing. It is the full responsibility of the student to go to see the class teacher or Leader of Learning regarding arrangements for any missed Assessment Tasks due to leave. Parents are asked (unless it is an emergency involving exceptional circumstances), not to disrupt their child’s learning in their Preliminary HSC year by taking them on leave outside normal school vacations.
Leave Requests. All leaves are to be requested from the Employer in writing as far in advance as possible, stating the amount of time requested. A written reply to grant or deny the request shall be given by the Employer as soon as possible. Leave of absence for the purpose of extending vacations during the summer months shall be entirely at the convenience of the Employer. Conversely, vacation time may be added to an employee’s leave of absence by request. All employees hired temporarily to replace employees who are on leave of absence shall be so advised and shall be informed of the approximate date the regular employee is expected to return. The Employer shall provide each employee granted a leave of absence with a written statement setting forth the conditions of the leave including any reinstatement commitments agreed to by the Employer.
Leave Requests. After the security office receives a leave request, an approval or denial will be sent to the employee within three (3) business days. This applies to the requests submitted no more than six (6) weeks in advance.
Leave Requests. (a) Employees are eligible for unpaid leave of absence from employment subject to the conditions in this article. Every employee who intends to take a leave of absence under this article shall give at least four weeks' notice in writing to the Employer unless there is a valid reason why such notice cannot be given. All requests for leave of absence pursuant to this article shall be in writing and indicate the last day to be worked and the expected date of return to work.