Jurisdictional Disputes Sample Clauses

Jurisdictional Disputes. 17.01 A xxxx-up meeting will be held with each Contractor not later than the commencement of the Contractor's work on all projects and no assignments shall be made before this xxxx- up. Xxxx-up assignments shall also apply to all sub-contractors. If a jurisdictional dispute arises once the work has commenced, assignments will be made in accordance with procedures, rules and regulations of the National Joint Board Building Trades Department, A.F.L. & C.I.O. The work assignment shall not be completed until a meeting on site has been convened with all Parties involved and until a subsequent meeting (not later than twenty-four (24) hours) has taken place, at which the Contractor shall present the work assignment on paper to all Parties.
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Jurisdictional Disputes. Disputes which arise between the Union and another Municipal union concerning representation of employees may be presented by the Union(s) to the Employee Relations Board for resolution.
Jurisdictional Disputes. (a) The Employer agrees to respect the jurisdiction of the Union and shall not make a written or a permanent assignment of work to other Trades without first affording Parties to the disputed work an opportunity to present evidence substantiating their claims. The Employer does not waive any of his rights by permitting the inclusion of jurisdiction of work in this Contract. Furthermore, no Business Manager has the authority to enter into a written agreement with another Trade in regards to work jurisdiction.
Jurisdictional Disputes. Any disputes where the Union contends either
Jurisdictional Disputes. The Union agrees to cooperate in good faith with the Producer and other Local Unions in the industry in working out a method for the determination of jurisdictional disputes without work stoppages. Appropriate clauses shall be incorporated in this Agreement to cover any method or means that shall be agreed upon.
Jurisdictional Disputes. The Council agrees to co-operate in good faith with the Employer and other unions and guilds in the motion picture industry in resolving jurisdictional disputes. There shall be no work stoppages arising from jurisdictional disputes.
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Jurisdictional Disputes. Any jurisdictional dispute which may arise between any two (2) or more labor organizations holding current collective bargaining agreements with the Employer will be settled in the following manner:
Jurisdictional Disputes. It is understood and agreed that any dispute over assignment of work shall be conducted as follows: If the Contractor and the Union are unable to agree upon the assignment of work, either at the pre-job conference or during the construction project, and a dispute shall arise between two (2) or more Unions as to which Craft the work properly belongs, the Contractor shall utilize its best discretion in assigning the work and work shall proceed as so assigned until such time as the dispute is settled. The Local Union Business Managers of the disputing Unions shall meet within two (2) business days of the dispute to discuss resolution. If the Business Managers are unable to resolve the dispute, the aggrieved party’s Business Managers shall file a grievance in accordance with the provision of Section 4 of this Article. CLC representatives are not responsible for making decisions on assignment of work. If no grievance is filed within three (3) business days after the business managers meeting, the dispute shall be forever barred. The Contractor shall not be held liable or responsible to any Union for its assignment of disputed work.
Jurisdictional Disputes. 18.1 Any jurisdictional dispute between the Union and any other building and construction trades union, that involves any work undertaken by an Employer, will in no way interfere with the progress and prosecution of the work. The parties agree to abide by a decision of the Canadian Plan for the settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes in the construction Industry and/or the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
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