Jurisdictional Disputes Sample Clauses

Jurisdictional Disputes. The Council agrees to co-operate in good faith with the Employer and other unions and guilds in the motion picture industry in resolving jurisdictional disputes. There shall be no work stoppages arising from jurisdictional disputes.
Jurisdictional Disputes. 17.01 A mark-up meeting will be held with each Contractor not later than the commencement of the Contractor's work on all projects and no assignments shall be made before this mark- up. Mark-up assignments shall also apply to all sub-contractors. If a jurisdictional dispute arises once the work has commenced, assignments will be made in accordance with procedures, rules and regulations of the National Joint Board Building Trades Department, A.F.L. & C.I.O. The work assignment shall not be completed until a meeting on site has been convened with all Parties involved and until a subsequent meeting (not later than twenty-four (24) hours) has taken place, at which the Contractor shall present the work assignment on paper to all Parties.
Jurisdictional Disputes. Any disputes where the Union contends either
Jurisdictional Disputes. (A) If a jurisdictional dispute arises, it shall first be submit- ted to local business representatives of the crafts involved for settlement; and, if no understanding or agreement is reached within forty-eight (48) hours, it will be referred to the inter- national unions involved for settlement. The international unions shall be requested to meet within forty-eight (48) hours to settle the dispute and, if no agreement is reached on this level within five (5) days, the parties to the dispute may extend the period of settlement to another fixed date mutually agreed upon. If there is no resolution reached, the grievance may be referred to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
Jurisdictional Disputes. If a jurisdictional dispute arises, it shall first be submitted to the Local Unions involved and the Associated General Contractors of Alaska, Inc., for settlement; then, if no understanding or agreement is reached within forty-eight (48) hours, it shall be referred to the International Representatives of the unions involved and they shall confer with the Associated General Contractors of Alaska, Inc., for settlement. Pending such settlement, the craft performing the work at the time the dispute arises shall continue in such capacity until settlement has been reached as above provided. Assignment of work shall be governed by the decisions of record, area practice, and existing or prospective International jurisdictional agreements. The parties to the Agreement agree that they will be immediately bound by any applicable decision or award by the National Joint Board. Only those Unions signatory with the Employer can file a dispute.
Jurisdictional Disputes. The Union agrees to cooperate in good faith with the Producer and other Local Unions in the industry in working out a method for the determination of jurisdictional disputes without work stoppages. Appropriate clauses shall be incorporated in this Agreement to cover any method or means that shall be agreed upon.
Jurisdictional Disputes. 19.01.00 There shall be no cessation or interference in any way with any work of the Employer or any Individual Employer by reason of jurisdictional disputes between the Union and any other union affiliated with the AFL-CIO or the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America with respect to juris- diction over any of the work covered by this Agreement. Such disputes will be settled by the Unions themselves, and if not settled then it shall be submitted to the International Presidents of the Unions involved in the dispute for determination and if not settled, the parties hereto agree that the dispute shall be submitted to the Arbitration Panel set forth in the Plan for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes in the Construction Industry or its successor acceptable to the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO and the International Union of Operating Engineers. The Employer, the Individual Employer and the Union shall be and are bound by the Arbitration Panel's determination, decision and/or award and the misassignment if any is found shall be promptly corrected by the Individual Employer unless the other union shall refuse to abide by the determination and decision in which case the Union shall be and is authorized to proceed to enforce the decision by any lawful means in which case the work shall proceed as originally assigned by the Individual Employer until such decision is made. In the event an Individual Employer shall misassign the work after notice of the decision, he shall be subject to such penalty as shall be determined by the Board of Adjustment.
Jurisdictional Disputes a) The Employer agrees to respect the jurisdiction of the Union and shall not make a written or a permanent assignment of work to other Trades without first affording Parties to the disputed work an opportunity to present evidence substantiating their claims. The Employer does not waive any of his rights by permitting the inclusion of jurisdiction of work in this Contract. Furthermore, no Business Manager has the authority to enter into a written agreement with another Trade in regards to work jurisdiction.