NO WORK STOPPAGES. The County and the Guild agree that the public interest 3 requires efficient and uninterrupted performance of County services and to this end pledge their best 4 efforts to avoid or eliminate any conduct contrary to this objective. Specifically, the Guild shall not 5 cause or condone any work stoppage, including any strike, slowdown, or refusal to perform any 6 customarily assigned duties, sick leave absence which is not bona fide, or other interference with 7 County functions by employees under this Agreement and, should same occur, the Guild agrees to 8 take appropriate steps to end such interference. Any concerted action by employees shall be deemed 9 a work stoppage if any of the above activities have occurred.
NO WORK STOPPAGES. 5. It is understood and agreed that during the term of this Agreement neither the Union nor any person covered hereunder shall engage in a strike, slowdown or work stoppage against the City and County of San Francisco, nor shall the Union or any person covered hereunder honor any picket line of any other group of City employees who are obliged under a contractual no strike provision or any provisions of the City Charter to refrain from strikes, slowdowns, or work stoppages against the City and County of San Francisco.
NO WORK STOPPAGES. 6. During the time this MOU is in force and effect, the Association and each member of its bargaining unit covenant and agree that she/he/it will not authorize, engage or participate in any strike, work slowdown or any form of work stoppage including but not limited to absenteeism, observing picket lines or any other form of sympathy strike.
NO WORK STOPPAGES. ‌‌ There shall be no strikes, slowdowns or other work stoppages on the part of the bargaining agent, and there shall be no lockouts by the employer during the term of this agreement, unless good faith bargaining has culminated in a bona fide mutual impasse on wages pursuant to § 00-00-000, Mont. Code Xxx., or there has been legislative action denying funds for agreements on wages resulting from pre-budgetary negotiations.‌
NO WORK STOPPAGES. 11. During the term of this Agreement, there shall be no strike or lockout nor shall the Unions engage in a sympathy strike. The terms strike, lockout or sympathy strike shall be provided in Charter Section A8.346 (a) and A8.346 (b). Charter Sections A8.346 (a) and A8.346 (b) are attached in Appendix A.