Investigator Sample Clauses

Investigator. The Study will be conducted by the INVESTIGATOR and performed at [INSERT NAME AND ADDRESS]. The INVESTIGATOR will have the experience and capability to efficiently and expeditiously perform the Study in a professional and competent manner, and in strict adherence to the Protocol. The INVESTIGATOR is responsible for the verification and completion of all the data on CRFs and the clarification of any data queries that may have arisen in this process. The INVESTIGATOR shall be responsible to obtain prior written informed consent from any Study Participant, in compliance with the Applicable Laws. The INVESTIGATOR is responsible for the explanation to each Study Participant of the nature of the Study, its purpose, the procedures, the expected duration as well as the potential benefits and risks. Each Study Participant must be informed that participation in the Study is voluntary and that the Study Participant can withdraw from the Study at any time without stating any reason. INSTITUTION The Parties acknowledge and agree that the relationship of SPONSOR to INSTITUTION is that of independent entity and not as agents, employee, or franchisee. The INSTITUTION shall ensure and control that the INVESTIGATOR fulfils all the tasks described in the Protocol and complies with all requirements under this Agreement. The INSTITUTION represents and warrants that it has the experience, capability and resources including, but not limited to, sufficient personnel and equipment, to efficiently and expeditiously perform the Study in a professional and competent manner, and in strict adherence to the Protocol, and the INSTITUTION further represents and warrants that it will utilize all reasonable efforts at all times to devote the necessary personnel and equipment to perform the Study hereunder in such a manner. In the event the INVESTIGATOR becomes unable to perform the duties required by this Agreement, the INSTITUTION shall give as soon as practically possible written notice of such fact to the SPONSOR. In the event a mutually acceptable replacement is not available, this Agreement may be terminated by either Party in accordance with Article 5.2.2 herein. The INSTITUTION shall provide the SPONSOR [and/or its delegate] with all infrastructures, equipment, personnel and resources required to enable the SPONSOR to monitor the Study during any visit by the SPONSOR to the site where the Study is being performed. To that effect the INSTITUTION shall notably ensure that the SPONSOR [...
Investigator. The term “Investigator” shall mean Principal Investigators, any other member of CWRU staff, graduate student, undergraduate student or employee of CWRU who works with or under the direction of a Principal Investigator.
Investigator. Where a difference arises between the parties relating to the dismissal, discipline or suspension of an employee, or to the interpretation, application, operation or alleged violation of this agreement, including any questions as to whether a matter is arbitrable, during the term of the collective agreement, an arbitrator agreed to by the parties shall, at the request of either party: investigate the difference; define the issue in the difference; and make written recommendations to resolve the difference within five days of the date of receipt of the request and for those five days from that date time does not run in respect of the grievance procedure. The parties agree that this procedure will not be invoked until the grievance procedure has been completed.
Investigator. In the case of possible systemic issues or multiple complaints, the Employer and the Union may agree to seek the assistance of an independent investigator agreeable to the parties. The investigator will examine any underlying issues that may contribute to harassment in the workplace and recommend preventative and corrective measures to the parties. This provision does not preclude an employer from seeking an independent investigator if the Union does not agree to an appointment and/or the Employer deems one necessary on the merits of the situation.
Investigator. If the Employer fails to act upon the agreed to recommendations of the investigator, or if the action taken by the Employer is not consistent with the recommendations, the Employer's decision may be considered as not having been determinative of the complaint. The employee may refer the Sexual Harassment complaint to Human Rights. The parties agree that substantiated cases of sexual harassment shall be cause for discipline, up to and including dismissal. Allegations of sexual harassment which are found to be in bad faith shall be cause for discipline, up to and including dismissal.
Investigator. The Investigator, on behalf of the Hospital, shall undertake primary responsibility for performing the Clinical Study in accordance with the Protocol and the terms of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the work to be performed hereunder shall be performed by the Hospital solely by or under the direct supervision of the Investigator. In the event that Investigator is unable to continue with the Clinical Study, Hospital shall promptly notify Sponsor in writing and propose a substitute. Sponsor shall have the right to approve any such substitute, and may terminate this Agreement upon ten (10) days prior written notice to Hospital if the proposed substitute is not acceptable to Sponsor in its sole discretion. Upon any such termination, Hospital shall be reimbursed for its costs incurred through such termination date.