Regular Full-Time Employee Sample Clauses

Regular Full-Time Employee. A regular full-time employee is one who works full-time on a regularly scheduled basis. Regular full-time employees accumulate seniority on an hourly basis and are entitled to all benefits outlined in this Collective Agreement.
Regular Full-Time Employee. For benefit purposes, a regular full-time employee is one who in the performance of assigned duties normally works a regular continuing schedule of forty (40) hours per week or, in Urgent Care and other 24/7 settings as allowed under applicable overtime law, eighty (80) hours per fourteen (14) day period. Irregular seventy (70) hours per ten (10) day period, or thirty-six (36) hours per three (3) day period schedules also constitute full time.
Regular Full-Time Employee. (i) All time worked beyond the normal workday (seven hours) shall be deemed to be overtime. Overtime shall be paid for at the rate of time and one-half for the first two hours and double-time after two hours in any one day or shift.
Regular Full-Time Employee. A regular full-time employee (RFT) shall be employed at a full duty load of eight (8) instructional sections or the equivalent, over an academic year, unless the Reduction Sequence in 11.8 is employed.
Regular Full-Time Employee. An employee who has full-time equivalent duty [i.e.,an average of thirty-five (35) duty hours/week] as per Article 5.2, and is employed twelve (12) consecutive months per year, every year. An employee becomes a Regular Full-time employee by: being assigned full-time equivalent duty with the expectation by the College of such duty being continuous from year to year, OR through the provisions of Article 6.4.1, working as a Regular Part-time employee at full-time equivalent duty for twenty-four (24) continuous months.
Regular Full-Time Employee. A regular, full-time employee is one who is scheduled to work a minimum of forty (40) hours per week, on a regular basis.
Regular Full-Time Employee. An employee so classified on the Employer’s personnel records, and who is regularly scheduled and who works no less than twenty (20) hours per week (Homecare) and no less twenty-two (22) hours per week (all other programs) is considered a regular full-time employee.