Education services Sample Clauses

Education services. 1.1 Catholic education is intrinsic to the mission of the Church. It is one means by which the Church fulfils its role in assisting people to discover and embrace the fullness of life in Xxxxxx. Catholic schools offer a broad, comprehensive curriculum imbued with an authentic Catholic understanding of Xxxxxx and his teaching, as well as a lived appreciation of membership of the Catholic Church. Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) governs the operation of MACS schools and owns, governs and operates the School.
Education services. Education Services are sold on an Hourly basis. Under an “Education Services” engagement, we will assist you with customizing and adapting our courseware and training classes to your application standards, data sets, customizations and use cases. You will reimburse us for all reasonable expenses we incur when delivering these Education Services. We grant you a license to use the work product we develop as part of an Education Services engagement in support of your internal business operations.
Education services. 1.1. Parents and guardians, as the first educators of their children, enter into a partnership with the school to promote and support their child’s education. Parents and guardians must assume a responsibility for maintaining this partnership by supporting the school in the provision of education and furthering the spiritual and academic life of their children.
Education services. Philips can provide, on request, remote product training and/or onsite refresher product training or onsite technical training for the amount of hours and number of people, and location, as and if set out in the Quotation.
Education services. Education Services (as later defined) provided or to be ------------------ provided by Chordiant pursuant to this Agreement shall also be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Exhibit E.
Education services. The CONTRACTOR shall provide the following public education services about the TOWN’S Solid Waste, Bulk Waste, and Recycling Services. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for all expenses associated with the notices and educational services required herein. All notices, educational materials, and educational services shall be approved by the Town Manager prior to being printed and used by the CONTRACTOR.
Education services. Tertiary education services (CPC 923**) provided only by institutions specialising in sciences and technology including life sciences, bio- technology and nano - technology only. Service supplier must situated outside Bangkok and the Metropolitan area: At least half of the Members of the University Council must be Thai nationals. Unbound for cross border supply.