Client Information definition

Client Information means any information or documentation that the Company receives from the Client or otherwise obtains which relates to him/her, his/her Account or the provision or the use of the Services.
Client Information means any data, information, software or other materials that you provide to Red Hat under the Agreement.
Client Information means: (A) confidential plans, customer lists, information, and other proprietary material of Client that is marked with a restrictive legend, or if not so marked with such legend or is disclosed orally, is identified as confidential at the time of disclosure (and written confirmation thereof is promptly provided to Fiserv); and (B) any information and data concerning the business and financial records of Client's customers prepared by or for Fiserv, or used in any way by Fiserv in connection with the provision of Fiserv Services (whether or not any such information is marked with a restrictive legend).

Examples of Client Information in a sentence

  • Client will obtain any third party consents necessary to grant Red Hat access to the Client Information that is subject to the proprietary rights of, or controlled by, any third party, or which is subject to any other form of restriction upon disclosure.

  • Client understands and agrees that (a) the completeness, accuracy of, and extent of access to, any Client Information provided to Red Hat may affect Red Hat's ability to provide Services, and (b) if reasonable access to Client Information is not provided, Red Hat will be relieved from providing any Services dependent upon such access.

  • Should Sterling, its employees, agents, contractors, or subcontractors acquire other Client Information during the course of this Agreement, it shall not be used for Sterling's own purposes or divulged to third parties except as necessary to provide the Services.

  • At the expiration or early termination of this Agreement, Sterling agrees to return all Client Information or agrees to provide adequate certification that the Client Information has been destroyed subject to regulatory obligations.

  • Sterling, its employees, agents, contractors, and subcontractors shall use the Client Information solely in connection with performance by Sterling of the services provided to Client pursuant to this Agreement, and for no other purpose.

More Definitions of Client Information

Client Information means any confidential or proprietary information or data provided by Client to IHS to enable IHS to perform its obligations under the Agreement.
Client Information or "Client Record" means any information, including information stored in computer data banks or computer files relating to a client that was received in connection with the performance of any function of the agency.
Client Information means any trademark, goods/services, property, title or similar information provided by Client in connection with any order for Products or Services;
Client Information means information obtained by EY from Client or from a third party on Client’s behalf.
Client Information means the Personal Information and/or Tax Information of the Client or a Connected Person.
Client Information has the meaning set forth in Article 6.1 hereof.
Client Information means the information (including supporting documents) provided by you in the Application Form or previously provided by you, as the case may be.