Readily Accessible Sample Clauses

Readily Accessible. Available for visual inspection without requiring moving of personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or any action which will likely involve risk to persons or property.
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Readily Accessible. Capable of being reached quickly and conveniently on a 24- hour basis, pursuant to Section 2 of the APS Interconnection Requirements, without requiring climbing over or removing obstacles, or obtaining permission, keys or security clearances.
Readily Accessible. An item or component that is, in the judgment of the inspector, capable of being safely observed without the removal of obstacles, detachment or disengagement of connecting or securing devices, or other unsafe or difficult procedures to gain access.
Readily Accessible. In the sole determination of the inspector, visually observable and able to be examined without requiring destructive measures; without risk to the inspector or others; without risk of damage to any item of personal or real property; without requiring the inspector to move, remove, damage, or disturb any wall, floor, ceiling, or window coverings; or any interior or exterior claddings or finish treatments; to move, remove, damage, disturb, climb upon, climb over, or straddle any item of personal property; to move, remove, damage, or disturb any landscape elements; or to interrupt the business of occupants, and not requiring disassembly or the use of any special protective clothing or special tools or equipment.

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  • Early Access Subtenant and Subtenant’s representatives shall have the right to enter the Subleased Premises from and after the date of mutual execution and delivery of this Sublease (the date upon which Subtenant first has such access to the Subleased Premises being referred to herein as the “Early Access Date”) for the sole purposes of installation of Subtenant’s personal property and equipment, furniture, fixtures and voice and data cabling, all subject to the terms, conditions and requirements of the Master Sublease; in no event will Subtenant perform work which requires the procurement of a construction permit prior to the Effective Date. All of the rights and obligations of the parties under this Sublease (other than Subtenant’s obligation to pay Base Rent and the cost of utilities under Section 3.3, but expressly including without limitation, Subtenant’s obligation to carry (and provide evidence of) insurance pursuant to the Master Sublease, and Subtenant’s indemnification obligations) shall commence upon the Early Access Date. Subtenant shall coordinate such entry with Sublandlord. Notwithstanding the foregoing to the contrary, if either (i) Landlord or Master Sublandlord require that Subtenant vacate the Subleased Premises or (ii) cease its installations until the Effective Date has occurred, Subtenant shall promptly comply with any such requirement. Additionally, if either party hereto terminates this Sublease pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.1 above, Subtenant shall promptly remove from the Subleased Premises any personal property, equipment, furniture, fixtures and/or voice or date cabling previously installed by Subtenant in the Subleased Premises and repair any portion of the Subleased Premises damaged or otherwise altered as a result of such installation, all at Subtenant’s sole cost and expense.

  • Users Licensee is responsible for each User’s compliance with this XXXX. Licensee will ensure that all use of the Software by Users is in accordance with the terms of this XXXX.

  • Web Site Information on registration for and use of the E-Verify program can be obtained via the Internet at the Department of Homeland Security Web site: xxxx://

  • Emergency Access Landlord shall have the right to enter the Premises at any time without notice in the event of an emergency.

  • Transmission and Routing of Exchange Access Traffic PURSUANT TO 251(c)(2) 13 5.1 Scope of Traffic 13 5.2 Trunk Group Architecture and Traffic Routing 13 5.3 Logical Trunk Groups 13 5.4 End Office Access 13 ARTICLE VI MEET-POINT BILLING ARRANGEMENTS 14 6.1 Meet-Point Billing Services 14 6.2 Data Format and Data Transfer 14 6.3 Errors or Loss of Access Usage Data 15 6.4 Payment 15 6.5 Additional Limitation of Liability Applicable to Meet-Point Billing Arrangements 16 ARTICLE VII BLV/BLVI TRAFFIC 16

  • Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility and Security Standards a. Applicability: The following Electronic and Information Resources (“EIR”) requirements apply to the Contract because the Grantee performs services that include EIR that the System Agency's employees are required or permitted to access or members of the public are required or permitted to access. This Section does not apply to incidental uses of EIR in the performance of the Agreement, unless the Parties agree that the EIR will become property of the State of Texas or will be used by HHSC’s clients or recipients after completion of the Agreement. Nothing in this section is intended to prescribe the use of particular designs or technologies or to prevent the use of alternative technologies, provided they result in substantially equivalent or greater access to and use of a Product.

  • Physical Access Control Unauthorized persons are prevented from gaining physical access to premises, buildings or rooms where data processing systems that process and/or use Personal Data are located.

  • Links to Third Party Websites In your use of the Service and/or the Company’s website, you may encounter various types of links that enable you to visit websites operated or owned by third parties (“Third Party Site”). These links are provided to you as a convenience and are not under the control or ownership of the Company. The inclusion of any link to a Third Party Site is not (i) an endorsement by the Company of the Third Party Site, (ii) an acknowledgement of any affiliation with its operators or owners, or (iii) a warranty of any type regarding any information or offer on the Third Party Site. Your use of any Third Party Site is governed by the various legal agreements and policies posted at that website.

  • The Web Services E-Verify Employer Agent agrees to, consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and policies, commit sufficient personnel and resources to meet the requirements of this MOU.

  • Information Access Each Party (“Disclosing Party”) shall make available to another Party (“Requesting Party”) information that is in the possession of the Disclosing Party and is necessary in order for the Requesting Party to: (i) verify the costs incurred by the Disclosing Party for which the Requesting Party is responsible under this Agreement; and (ii) carry out its obligations and responsibilities under this Agreement. The Parties shall not use such information for purposes other than those set forth in this Article 25.1 of this Agreement and to enforce their rights under this Agreement.

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