Readily accessible Sample Clauses

Readily accessible. Capable of being reached quickly and conveniently on a 24- hour basis, pursuant to Section 2 of the APS Interconnection Requirements, without requiring climbing over or removing obstacles, or obtaining permission, keys or security clearances.
Readily accessible as used in this Agreement means available for visual inspection without requiring moving of personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or actions that will likely involve risk to persons or property.
Readily accessible components of installedheating equipment.
Readily accessible flashings.
Readily accessible roof coverings.
Readily accessible skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.

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Office Hours Teaching members are expected to be available to meet their obligations and confer with their students outside of class. Each full-time teaching member shall be required to hold office hours appropriate to the needs of their students and their academic discipline. Each full-time teaching member shall schedule and hold at least five (5) office hours per week each semester. These office hours shall be scheduled in agreement with the department Chairperson on at least three (3) teaching days per week at times reasonably convenient for students. Such hours shall be posted on the appropriate departmental office bulletin board and reported by the department Chairperson to the appropriate academic Dean or Chief Academic Officer no later than the first day of classes. If in the judgment of the Dean, the reported hours do not meet the standard above, the Dean may require that the Chairperson establish appropriate office hours. Alternate office hour arrangements for full-time teaching members with substantial off campus loads, or with alternate duties, may be made with the approval of the Chief Academic Officer. Office hour requirements may be temporarily increased by the appropriate academic Dean during registration periods. The Board and CSU-AAUP agree that all students will be given adequate advising by members during registration and throughout the school year to assure the pursuit of sound educational objectives. Part-time faculty shall make reasonable efforts to advise and counsel their students as needed.
Operating Hours Subject to Building Rules and Regulations and such security standards as Landlord may from time to time adopt, the Building shall be open to the public during the Building Operating Hours and the Premises shall be open to Tenant during hours other than Building Operating Hours.
Users individuals that you authorize to access your Account or to use the Services on your behalf and who have your personal information, including but not limited to your User ID and password. Anyone you give your personal information, User ID or password to, will be deemed to be authorized by you to use any Services and make transactions on your Account.
Web Site Information on registration for and use of the E-Verify program can be obtained via the Internet at the Department of Homeland Security Web site: .
Inside information Each of the Finance Parties acknowledges that some or all of the Confidential Information is or may be price-sensitive information and that the use of such information may be regulated or prohibited by applicable legislation including securities law relating to insider dealing and market abuse and each of the Finance Parties undertakes not to use any Confidential Information for any unlawful purpose.
Service Hours The services shall be provided during the working hours and days as defined by the Contractor.
Information Access Each Party (“Disclosing Party”) shall make available to another Party (“Requesting Party”) information that is in the possession of the Disclosing Party and is necessary in order for the Requesting Party to: (i) verify the costs incurred by the Disclosing Party for which the Requesting Party is responsible under this Agreement; and (ii) carry out its obligations and responsibilities under this Agreement. The Parties shall not use such information for purposes other than those set forth in this Article 25.1 of this Agreement and to enforce their rights under this Agreement.
Electronic Access Access by Customer to certain applications or products of Bank via Bank’s web site or otherwise shall be governed by this Agreement and the terms and conditions set forth in Schedule 5.
User Data In addition to any disclosures authorized by Section 24, You and Your Authorised Users consent and agree that the RIM Group of Companies may access, preserve, and disclose Your or Your Authorised Users' data, including personal information, contents of your communication or information about the use of Your BlackBerry Solution functionality and the services or software and hardware utilized in conjunction with Your BlackBerry Solution where available to RIM ("User Data"), to third parties, including foreign or domestic government entities, without providing notice to You or Your Authorized Users under the laws of countries where the RIM Group of Companies and its service providers, other partners and affiliates are located in order to: (i) comply with legal process or enforceable governmental request, or as otherwise required by law; (ii) cooperate with third parties in investigating acts in violation of this Agreement; or (iii) cooperate with system administrators at Internet service providers, networks or computing facilities in order to enforce this Agreement. You warrant that You have obtained all consents necessary under applicable law from Your Authorised Users to disclose User Data to the RIM Group of Companies and for the RIM Group of Companies to collect, use, process, transmit, and/or disclose such User Data as described above.
Internet Access Data and information may be made electronically accessible to the Company through Internet access to one or more links provided by the Administrator or a sub-administrator (“Web Link”). All rights in Web Link (including text and “look and feel” attributes) are owned by the sub-administrator. Any commercial use of the content or any other aspect of Web Link requires the written permission of the sub-administrator. Use of the Web Link by the Company will be subject to any terms of use set forth on the web site. Web Link and the information (including text, graphics and functionality) in the Web Link is presented “As Is” and “As Available” without express or implied warranties including, but not limited to, implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The sub-administrator neither warrants that the Web Link will be uninterrupted or error free, nor guarantees the accessibility, reliability, performance, timeliness, sequence, or completeness of information provided on the Web Link.