Heat Sample Clauses

Heat. (a) Landlord shall provide heat to the Premises on Business Days from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., when required in Landlord’s judgment for the comfortable use and occupancy of the Premises, through use of the Building standard heating system (the “Building Heating System”).
Heat. To provide and maintain in good condition a heating system and to supply legally requisite heat during the period from September 15 through June 15 of each year, unless the Tenant is required to supply heating fuel and fails to provide adequate fuel or is otherwise responsible for the lack or inadequacy of heat.
Heat. Landlord shall furnish heat to provide a temperature and ---- humidity condition required, in Landlord's reasonable judgment, for comfortable occupancy of the Premises under normal business operations in the absence of machines or equipment which may affect the temperature or humidity otherwise maintained in the Premises. Such heat shall be provided daily during business hours (Monday through Friday am 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Holidays (hereinafter defined) excepted). Tenant agrees to keep and cause to be kept closed all windows in the Premises and at all times to cooperate fully with the Landlord in the operation of the heating system and to abide by all reasonable regulations and requirements which Landlord may prescribe to permit the proper functioning and protection of the heating system. Landlord reserves the right to stop the heating system when necessary by reason of accident or emergency or for repairs, alterations, replacements or improvements, which in the judgment of the Landlord are desirable or necessary, until said repairs, alterations, replacements or improvements shall have been completed. For purposes of this Lease "Holidays" shall mean New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and any other national or state holidays observed by the majority of office tenants in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, now or hereafter established, that may be designated in writing by Landlord to Tenant from time to time. Landlord agrees to make any repairs to the heating system promptly and with due diligence.
Heat. The Heat Stress Program as provided for in the Company Policy Program shall be reviewed by the Company and the Union prior to its implementation each year. Any disagreements will be settled by the Ministry of Labour. It is further understood and agreed that in the event any employee should have to leave work due to a medically substantiated heat-induced illness, such time away from work will not be counted against his/her attendance record for purposes of discipline.
Heat. Tenant agrees to maintain an interior temperature of at least 55° at all times. NO supplementary heating (i.e. wood stove, gas/electric heaters) is allowed. Tenant agrees to purchase fuel from company providing service contracts. Tenant agrees to monitor fuel levels to insure that the fuel does not run out. Should fuel run out, Tenant will be responsible for any reigniting costs and all damages due to frozen pipes. Tenant agrees to a separate $ fuel deposit to be used to insure that fuel tanks are filled at the end of the lease term. Should the tanks not be filled, Lessor will use the deposit to fill the tank. The balance along with the documentation (invoice) will be sent to Tenants within 20 days of the end of the lease period. FUEL TANKS MUST BE LEFT FULL AT END OF THE LEASE PERIOD.
Heat. When necessary, Landlord shall furnish heat to the ---- Premises during Standard Building Hours and Days.
Heat. 10.1 Customer will provide #2 oil used for Terminal to maintain minimum Product temperature as required. To determine said quantity, the actual amount of #2 oil used will be based on a physical gauge of the boiler tank at the beginning of each month, plus receipts into the boiler tank, minus the ending inventory in the boiler tank at month's end. The amount of oil used will be deducted monthly from Customer's inventory.
Heat. The temperature of the apartment must be maintained at a minimum temperature of fifty (50) degrees or the Tenant(s) will be made liable for any resulting damages such as ruptured pipes, etc. Where the Landlord provides the heat, windows and doors must remain closed during cold weather.
Heat. The thermostat is to be set NO lower than 65 degrees during the months of September through April, or when the outside temperature is below 32 degrees.
Heat. The Company shall not indemnify the Insured under Sections 1 to 3 against any loss caused by fire resulting from the Property Insured undergoing any heating process involving the application of heat, other than by fire or explosion, resulting from the Property Insured undergoing any process of production, packing, treatment, testing, commissioning, servicing, or repair.