Ventilation Sample Clauses

Ventilation. Where noxious or poisonous gases may accumulate, the City shall provide proper protection and ventilation. Proper lighting and ventilation shall be provided for all enclosed working spaces. All work in enclosed and confined spaces shall be performed in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations. Spray painting shall be done only by qualified painters.
Ventilation. Tenant agrees not to modify, obstruct or tamper with any of the ventilation systems for the Unit. Tenant will use the kitchen and bath ventilation fans when cooking or utilizing the baths or showers.
Ventilation. The Company assures the Union it will give priority to ventilation on new and relocated equipment where the ventilation is required to protect the health of employees.
Ventilation. 66) You must ensure that the property is kept well ventilated. Items should not be dried on radiators without suitable aeration. You agree to use any equipment provided or installed in the property correctly to ensure proper ventilation.
Ventilation assisted mask premium: Any employee who must wear a ventilation-assisted mask, or a continuous flow or positive pressure air line mask shall receive an hourly premium of $1.00 over and above the wage rate for his trade, specialty or occupation for every hour so worked. This premium shall be $1.10 as of May 1, 2016. The premium specified in this article shall not apply to an employee performing work in accordance with Article 20.03 14) (asbestos labourer).
Ventilation. All areas where hazardous substance are used and/or stored will be adequately ventilated to prevent accumulation of flammable or explosive vapors. Ventilation systems will be provided with appropriate air pollution control equipment in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. EXHIBIT G COPY OF CENTER COVENANTS, CONDITIONS & RESTRICTIONS --------------------- RECORDING REQUESTED BY CHICAGO TITLE COMPANY --------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECORDED AT THE REQUEST OF: CERTIFIED TO BE A TRUE COPY OF DOCUMENT RECORDED 8-3-01 IN BOOK __ WHEN RECORDED RETURN TO: SERIES 2001-281501 OF OFFICIAL RECORDS Pacific Union Commercial Development CHICAGO TITLE INS. CO 675 Hartz Avenue, #300 BY_______________________________ Danville, CA 94526 Attention Bill Drummond --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ventilation. 26 The external cabinet must be ventilated through the use of louvered vents, filter, and one 27 thermostatically controlled fan. The filter must be the re-usable type and matching the 28 dimensions of the louver with both located on the bottom half of the door.
Ventilation. Bathrooms and similar areas to be ventilated per code using rooftop fans.