Service Contracts definition

Service Contracts means contracts or agreements, such as maintenance, supply, service or utility contracts.
Service Contracts means, to the extent the same are transferable or assignable without default, penalty or the payment of a fee or charge, all maintenance, supply, service or utility contracts or agreements in effect as of the Closing Date.

Examples of Service Contracts in a sentence

  • Financial assurances may be required in order to be a successful bidder for Commodity or Construction and Service contracts.

  • In case of tenders for Annual rate contracts / Maintenance and Service contracts, if the prospective bidder is executing rate / maintenance /service contract which is still running and the contract value / quantity executed prior to due date of bid submission is equal to or more than the minimum prescribed value in the BEC such experience will also be taken in to consideration provided that the bidder has submitted satisfactory work / supply / service execution certificate issued by end user.

  • Service contracts includes works to lifts, water tanks, ventilation shafts, dry risers, fire alarms and lighting, door entry systems and CCTV.

  • Service contracts are specified in a language independent way by means of finite labeled transi- tion systems.

  • Services are provided directly by CMHSPs, their contracted providers and/or providers of the consumer's choice through Financial Management Services under Choice Voucher arrangements and Purchase of Service contracts.

More Definitions of Service Contracts

Service Contracts means contracts other than works or supply contracts having as their object the provision of services.
Service Contracts means the service, maintenance and other contracts entered into by or on behalf of the Assignors (or their predecessors in title) in connection with the maintenance and management of the Property, brief details of which are set out in the Schedule; and
Service Contracts shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 4.2.23.
Service Contracts means, all service contracts and other contracts, agreements or instruments relating to the ownership, use, management or operation of the Property, including equipment leases or any other lease in which Contributor is lessee, but excluding the Leases, which are not cancellable upon less than ninety (90) days prior notice or which are valued in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) annually.
Service Contracts means contracts which have as their object the provision of services other than those referred to in the definition ofworks contracts”;
Service Contracts has the meaning set forth in Section 3.16(j).
Service Contracts shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(e).