Hazards Sample Clauses

Hazards. The Tenant shall not undertake, or permit his/her family or guests to undertake, any hazardous acts or do anything that will increase the project's insurance premiums. Such action constitutes a material non-compliance. If the unit is damaged by fire, wind, or rain to the extent that the unit cannot be lived in and the damage is not caused or made worse by the Tenant, the Tenant will be responsible for rent only up to the date of the destruction. Additional rent will not accrue until the unit has been repaired to a livable condition.
Hazards. Supplier shall ensure that its personnel shall, when working or any site in connection with the Agreement, comply with all relevant environmental, occupational health and safety legislation and any other appropriate standards, policies and procedures notified by XXXX. Supplier shall ensure that its personnel shall, bring any safety equipments required to work on the site in connection with the Agreement. Supplier will endeavor to exceed statutory minimum environmental, occupational health and safety requirements in accordance with generally accepted best working practices and any specific standards or other requirements of XXXX.
Hazards. The Contractor shall be responsible from the time of his execution of the Contract Documents or from the time of the beginning of the first work, whichever shall be earlier, for all injury or damage of any kind resulting from the Work to persons or property regardless of who may be the owner of the property. It is the intention of this paragraph to shift the full and complete risk of all such loss to the Contractor for the period of construction and until notice from the Owner of the final acceptance of the Work is made in accordance with Article 30, regardless of whether or not any particular hazard shall be insured against.
Hazards. Lessee shall not use the Premises, nor permit them to be used, for any purpose which shall increase the existing rate of insurance upon the Building, or cause the cancellation of any insurance policy covering the Building, or sell or permit to be kept, used, or sold in or about the Premises, any article that may be prohibited by Lessor's insurance policies.
Hazards. The tenant will immediately notify the landlord or the landlord’s contact person in the event of a discovery of a fire, escape of water, gas or other substance occurring anywhere in the Park. The tenant will also warn any other persons in the Park threatened by the hazard. The tenant must inform the landlord at the earliest opportunity of any repairs or services required in the Park.
Hazards. Tenant shall not use, nor permit to be used, the premises for any purpose which shall increase the existing rate of insurance upon the building, or cause the cancellation of any insurance policy covering said building, or sell or permit to be kept, used or sold in or about said premises any article which may be prohibited by Landlord insurance policies. Tenant shall not commit any waste upon the premises, nor cause any public or private nuisance or other act which may disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other tenant, nor shall Tenant allow said premises be used for any improper, immoral, unlawful or unsafe purpose, including, but not limited to, the storage of any flammable material, nor shall Tenant use any apparatus, machinery or devise in or on said premises which shall make any noise or set up any vibration which can be detected by other tenants, or which shall in any way be a detriment to said building. Tenant further agrees that except for the tenant improvements contemplated herein, Tenant will not install or construct within the premises or building electrical wires, water or drain pipes, machinery to other permanently installed devices, including, but not limited to, alarm systems, private music systems, or special ventilation, without the prior consent of Landlord.
Hazards. The Agency shall be solely responsible for any and all hazardous materials, hazardous processes, or hazardous procedure with respect to the work in this Work Order and hereby indemnifies and keeps indemnified and hold harmless the Company against and from all claims, demands, liabilities, charges, and any / all proceedings and any / all losses or damages or cost or expenses (including legal fees and expenses) including third party claims that may be suffered, incurred or expected to be so suffered or incurred by the Company on account of anything done or omitted to be done by the Agency in connection with this Work Order or any part thereof
Hazards. The tenant must take all steps necessary to prevent the creation of a hazard and must immediately rectify any hazards created by any occupant or guest of the tenant, and the tenant:
Hazards. GW will inform and keep Bayer informed of all hazards, regulations and guidance (statutory or otherwise) which GW knows or believes to be associated with the use, handling, storage labelling, transport, treatment and disposal of the Products and GW will ensure that relevant consignments are safe, packaged, labelled so as to prevent any health risk to persons, property or the environment and properly marked with the appropriate internationally recognised danger symbols and that prominent hazard warnings appear on all packages and documents.
Hazards. CBSB shall in accordance with CBSB’s internal procedures, inform its employees, contractors and other personnel of any known or reasonably ascertainable chemical hazards associated with the Raw Materials, Drug Substance or any Wastes generated through performance of the manufacturing and processing activities hereunder, and provide such persons with training as required by CBSB’s internal procedures, in the proper methods of handling and disposing of such items.