The Tenant must Sample Clauses

The Tenant must. 6.1.1 pay the rent, timeously and without remission, set-off or deduction for any reason (except where allowed for in terms of clause 11.1 – damage to the Premises); 6.1.2 notify the LANDLORD
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The Tenant must. (a) indemnify the Landlord against all costs and expenses and other liability incurred in respect of storage and/or disposal of such property and claims to such property by any third party; and
The Tenant must. (a) keep the Property in good and substantial repair and condition;
The Tenant must. 5.4.1. By the time of signing the Statement of Accession, provide the necessary documents (copies of constituent documents (in the case of a legal entity), a copy of an identity card, state registration certificate of an individual entrepreneur, etc. (in the case of an individual or individual entrepreneur) and familiarize themselves with the Agreement and Rules.
The Tenant must. (a) ensure that the work:
The Tenant must. 8.1.1 look after the Premises (grass, garden beds, Pruning of trees, pool, pool motor, pool equipment, gates and any and all other items left for the tenants use) and ensure that the Premises is kept clean and in good order and condition;
The Tenant must. (a) remove all alterations or additions to the Premises and the Service Media, whether or not made by the Tenant and whether or not made during the Term, except to the extent the Landlord otherwise directs (in which case the excepted alterations or additions are referred to in this clause as Remaining Alterations); and
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The Tenant must. (a) keep the Premises and any External Works and/or any Tenant’s Business Alterations in good and substantial repair and condition and clean and tidy;
The Tenant must. (a) decorate the exterior and interior of the Property as often as is reasonably necessary and also in the last three months before the Termination Date;
The Tenant must.  Keep the premises clean and sanitary, to the extent the condition of the rental unit allows.  Properly use all gas, electrical, and plumbing fixtures.  Properly dispose of all trash and garbage in appropriate receptacles.  Ensure that household members or guests cause no damage to the premises.  Use the rental unit for its intended purpose.  Notify the landlord, preferably in writing, when the rental unit is in need of repair or maintenance.  Not interfere with the landlord’s ability to repair any deficiencies.
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