Yard Maintenance Sample Clauses

Yard Maintenance. Tenant understands that at all times Tenant is responsible for keeping all outside areas free of garbage, debris, animal feces, and or any other unsightly item. Tenant shall not install any plants, trees, flowers, or shrubs without prior written approval from Landlord. Any unauthorized installation will be considered damage and tenant agrees to pay for the removal of such plantings and the cost to restore the affected areas to the original condition. TENANT is responsible for maintenance of all landscape. This includes: watering of lawn, flower gardens, shrubs, and trees, weeding of planters or flower gardens, trimming of grass, edging of grass and planters, pruning and trimming of all shrubs and small trees, application of weed control and fertilizer on grass, turning on water and setting of any automatic timers for irrigation/sprinkler system, and report problems to Landlord. If Tenant does not care for landscape as required and disregards notice to correct landscape by Landlord, Landlord reserves the right to contract yard maintenance and the Tenant will incur the cost of the landscape maintenance. Xxxxxx agrees that the yards have been mowed within seven 7 days of occupancy and that grounds are in good condition. The Tenant further agrees to deliver the property, at the end of this tenancy, grass that is weed free, mowed, trimmed, edged and properly watered as well as trees and shrubs that have been trimmed and pruned, and planter areas free of weeds. Landlord is responsible for lawn mowing. Tenant is still required to keep area free of debris, general maintenance of yard, fertilize, weeding control, watering of landscape, setting of automatic timers for irrigation/sprinkler system and reporting problems to Landlord. Landlord is responsible for maintenance of entire yard. Tenant is still required to keep area free of debris, and reporting problems to the Landlord.
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Yard Maintenance. Yard Maintenance includes grass cutting, leaf raking, and removal of any sticks or branches. If e-mail notice is sent at least 24 hours prior to arrival of the grass cutting crew, it is the responsibility of the Tenants to remove all trash, garbage, bottles, lawn toys, or pet waste prior to their arrival. If waste remains, these areas will not be cut and notice of outside trash will be sent and handled as listed in § 33.
Yard Maintenance. Tenant shall, at his/her expense, maintain the premises by watering, weeding, and overall conditioning the lawn, shrubs, trees and landscaping. If the lawn is higher than four inches and/or the flowerbed areas become infested with weeds, the Lessor’s Agent may contract someone to mow the grass and/or remove the weeds. The Tenant will be obligated to pay for said service(s). The Tenant shall be responsible to provide his/her own lawn mower and gardening equipment unless the Owner has left said items on the premises for tenant’s use. At no time can vehicles or trailers be parked on, or driven on the lawn.
Yard Maintenance. Unless otherwise noted in the Lease, you will be responsible for and pay for the following items: mowing and edging the lawn and maintaining all plants, trees, shrubs, etc.; watering the lawn and other vegetation; keeping the lawn, flowerbeds, sidewalks, porches and driveways free of trash and debris; and fertilizing lawn and plants. You must promptly report infestations or dying vegetation to us. You may not modify the existing landscape, change any plants, or plant a garden without our prior written approval.
Yard Maintenance. Landlord is responsible for yard maintenance and will use reasonable diligence in maintaining the yard. “Yard” means all lawns, shrubbery, bushes, flowers, gardens, trees, rock or other landscaping, and other foliage on or encroaching on the Property or on any easement appurtenant to the Property, and does not include common areas maintained by an owner’s association. “Yard maintenance” means such things as, but is not limited to mowing, fertilizing, trimming, and control of yard pests. Landlord, at Xxxxxxxx’s discretion, will be responsible for treatment for wood-destroying insects, if any. If Landlord maintains the Yard, Tenant will permit Landlord and Landlord’s contractors reasonable access to all parts of the yard and will remove any pet from the yard at appropriate times. Tenant will water the yard at reasonable and appropriate times. Tenant will be held responsible for yard cleanliness, including keeping the yard clear of any trash, cigarette butts or other smoking materials. Only furniture specifically designed for outdoor use will be allowed to remain outside of the house.
Yard Maintenance. EBI will maintain the front yard and back yard, if any, with regular landscaping and yard care (including but not limited to watering, mowing, edging, trimming, fertilizing, and weed control). EBI will keep yards, walkways, patios and decks clear and to keep the Property free of junk, debris and clutter of any type. EBI will keep front yards clear of bikes, toys or any other items.
Yard Maintenance i. If Landlord is responsible for (or arranging and paying for) all yard maintenance, Tenant is nevertheless responsible for cleaning and/or maintaining of the yard after storms and “as needed” between regularly scheduled maintenance. Tenant agrees that Landlord and/or Landlord’s agents shall have access to the exterior of the Premises for this purpose without requiring advance notice. If You restrict or otherwise interfere or hinder Landlord’s maintenance efforts, then Tenant shall, after written notice by Landlord to Tenant, be responsible for all yard maintenance, without any reduction in the amount of rent, or may regard Your conduct as a material noncompliance and evict Tenant on that basis.
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Yard Maintenance. Cut the grass inside the yard as needed and clean the yard area as needed. The preventive maintenance must be carried out by TowerCo as many times as required but not less than 2 times per year.
Yard Maintenance. “Yard maintenance” includes but is not limited to regular and diligent watering, fertilizing, weeding, mowing the grass and trimming the shrubs so as to maintain a consistently good and clean appearance, front and back; controlling pests in the yard; and removing trash and debris from the yard. Yard maintenance, excluding any common area maintained by an owners’ association, is (choose one): is the responsibility of Tenant. is the responsibility of Landlord. Comments:
Yard Maintenance. If indicated by an (X) below, resident shall be responsible for yard maintenance as follows:
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