The Supplier will Sample Clauses

The Supplier will. 5.1.1 deliver the Goods to BT to the delivery address specified in the Contract during normal business hours and will provide all equipment and labour for their conveyance and unloading at the Delivery Address; and
The Supplier will. 16.2.1 impose upon the third parties, the obligation to conduct proper and appropriate checks on any agency or person used by the third parties to provide labour, employees, contractors or other persons to undertake tasks (in each case whether on a permanent or temporary basis) in the provision of supplying the Hardware designed to ensure that any such agency or person does not engage in any Modern Slavery Practice;
The Supplier will. ● provide CCS and the Buyer with any information they may reasonably request to ensure the Supplier is complying with all of its obligations under the Data Protection Legislation which arise in connection with the Framework Agreement or under a Call-Off Contract ● ensure that it doesn’t knowingly or negligently do or omit to do anything which places CCS or Buyers in breach of their Data Protection Legislation obligations ● not transfer Personal Data outside of the European Economic Area unless the prior written consent of CCS has been obtained, and
The Supplier will. 2.1.1 use all reasonable commercial endeavours to deliver no less than the Service Volume to the Service Location(s) from the Commencement Date; 2.1.2 carry out the Services with reasonable skill and care.
The Supplier will. 3.2.1 comprehensively perform, manage and provide the Services using Good Industry Practice or, where the required standard is higher, using all due skill, care, diligence and expertise and to the best of its ability;
The Supplier will. 2.1 Allow The Renter to take and use the equipment for the rental period;
The Supplier will. (a) keep the Customer’s personal details, including credit card details for only as long as is deemed necessary by the Supplier;
The Supplier will. 10.5.1 Process the Agreement Personal Data only on documented instructions (including this Agreement) from the University (unless the Supplier or the relevant Sub-Processor is required to Process Agreement Personal Data to comply with United Kingdom, European Union (as it is made up from time to time) or European Union member state Applicable Laws, in which case the Supplier will notify the University of such legal requirement prior to such Processing unless such Applicable Laws prohibit notice to the University on public interest grounds);‌