Risks Sample Clauses

Risks. You understand all the risks of investing, including the risk that you could lose all your money. Without limiting that statement, you have reviewed and understand all the risks listed in the Disclosure Document.
Risks. This notification is missioned to reveal to the Customer the information regarding risks connected with conducting trading operations on the financial markets and to warn the Customer about possibility of financial losses related to these risks. In the present Agreement it is impossible to disclose all information about all potential risks due to sheer number of possible situations. The interpretation of the notions and terms used in this notification fully coincides with interpretation of those in the Agreement on processing and executing the Customer orders.
Risks. I understand that all investments involve risk, that losses may exceed the principal invested, and that the past performance of a security, industry, sector, market, or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns.
Risks. In working to achieve therapeutic benefits, clients must take action to achieve desired results. Although change is inevitable, it can be uncomfortable at times. Resolving unpleasant events and making changes in relationship patterns may arouse unexpected emotional reactions. Seeking to resolve problems can similarly lead to discomfort as well as relational changes that may not be originally intended. We will work collaboratively toward a desirable outcome; however, it is possible that the goals of therapy may not be reached.
Risks. The undersigned is aware of the high degree of risk involved in options transactions and has given the introducing broker, in strict confidence, information to demonstrate that this account and the trading anticipated in connection therewith is not unsuitable for the undersigned in light of the undersigned’s investment objectives, financial situation and needs, experience and knowledge. The undersigned agrees to advise the introducing broker of any changes in the undersigned’s investment objectives, financial situation or other circumstances that may be deemed to materially affect the suitability of executing options transactions forthe undersigned’s account.
Risks. By accepting this Grant, you acknowledge that the value of the Stock may be adversely affected by changes in the United States’ economy; changes in the Company’s profitability, financial condition, business or properties; a reduction in the Company’s growth rate; competition from other truckload carriers; and other factors that are described more particularly in the Company’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and in its reports on Forms 10-Q and 8-K. The Company does not promise you that the value of the Stock will rise or that the Company will continue to grow or be profitable.
Risks. Situations that present a risk to the beneficiary and/or others, including past or current trauma;
Risks. The Purchaser is aware that the Securities are highly speculative and that there can be no assurance as to what return, if any, there may be. The Purchaser is aware that the Company may issue additional securities in the future which could result in the dilution of the Purchaser’s ownership interest in the Company.
Risks. Subscriber recognizes that the purchase of Units involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for persons of adequate financial means who have no need for liquidity in this investment in that (i) Subscriber may not be able to liquidate the investment in the event of an emergency; (ii) transferability is limited; and (iii) in the event of a disposition, Subscriber could sustain a complete loss of the entire investment.
Risks. The Participant is aware of and understands the following: