Insured Sample Clauses

Insured has willfully concealed or misrepresented:
Insured must notify us or we will notify the insured promptly if either recovers property or receives payment.
Insured may keep recovered property by refunding to us the amount of the claim paid or any lesser amount to which we agree.
Insured must take control of the suit, at their expense, within the agreed upon time or as soon as practicable in the absence of any agreement.
Insured. SCS shall be named as certificate holder on Contractor's General Liability Policies. Cancellation of any insurance required by this Agreement, whether by the insurer or the insured, shall not be valid unless written notice thereof is given by the party proposing cancellation to the other party and SCS at least thirty days prior to the effective date thereof, which shall be expressed in said notice.
Insured includes:
Insured. Each of the following is an insured under the conditions and limitations set forth below:
Insured has not complied with the terms under which the credit card was issued;