Grounds Maintenance Sample Clauses

Grounds Maintenance. With the exception of Plummers Cemetery, the boundaries of the cemeteries are fenced, with maintenance of right of way being the responsibility of the contractor (from fence to street). The Plummers Cemetery boundary is indicated on the map in Attachment I. Contractor is responsible for maintaining the cemetery grounds to the extent necessary to protect public health, safety, comfort, and welfare. Contractor may serve notice, in writing, of anticipated delays complying with the time frames established below. These responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:
Grounds Maintenance. Tenant shall be responsible for all costs and expenses related to maintaining the lawn, shrubs, and any other landscaping on the Premises up to the standard which Landlord has historically maintained. Cost will be included in Tenant’s CAM Charges.
Grounds Maintenance. Landlord shall reasonably maintain the grounds adjacent to the Building and the walkways, driveways and parking areas referred to in Section 2.1.
Grounds Maintenance. Landlord shall reasonably maintain the grounds adjacent to the Building and the walkways, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, lighting and parking areas referred to in Section 2.1, including removal of snow and ice.
Grounds Maintenance. Tenant shall be responsible to keep the Premises and the yard/grounds thereof in a clean and sanitary condition and shall immediately pick up or remove any pet waste, garbage or other debris left or deposited on the Premises or the grounds thereof. Tenant shall be responsible for all lawn care, including weed control, weed removal, mowing, trimming and general upkeep, as well as snow and ice removal (unless service is provided by an HOA). Tenant shall keep sidewalks free of hazardous objects, ice and snow at all times. The City of Fort Xxxxxxx requires that walks be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of snowfall or will remove snow at Tenant’s expense. Tenant shall keep the lawn sufficiently watered to maintain the health and appropriate seasonal appearance (green when reasonably possible) of the lawn. Tenant shall keep window xxxxx and flower beds tidy and free from any debris. If the Premises is equipped with a sprinkler system, Tenant shall not alter the settings or system in any way, without the consent of Landlord. Tenant shall provide Landlord timely, written notice of any system failure with any sprinkler system, and failure to report such malfunction which causes damage to the grounds, shall result in restoration of the grounds at Tenant’s expense. Any damage to trees, shrubs and grounds due to Tenant’s acts or negligence will be repaired or replaced at Tenant’s expense, including damage caused by insufficient watering. In-ground fire pits are never allowed. Trampolines are never allowed. If Tenant is responsible for lawn care, Tenant agrees to provide proper lawn care equipment as needed to mow, trim, weed, and water regularly, and to shovel and deice as needed. Tenant will not allow the lawn or weeds to exceed four inches in height. Tenants who do not comply with this requirement may be placed on a mandatory lawn care service, including placement of watering system, at Landlord’s discretion and will be responsible for payment of all charges and bills for such services. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Landlord and Owner (defined below) from any fine, charge or damage resulting from any fine, charge or requirement imposed by any HOA or authority having the right to impose such for the failure to properly maintain the lawn, landscaping, vegetation or grounds of the Premises.
Grounds Maintenance. 5. Facilitate the transition of the CAC to a qualified non‐profit to be responsible for the CAC long‐ term.
Grounds Maintenance. E. For the job classifications in which the layoff occurs, the board shall prepare a reinstatement list and name all employees employed under probationary contracts. They shall be placed on the reinstatement list in the reverse order of layoff. The names of all employees employed under continuing contracts shall be placed on a separate reinstatement list in reverse of layoff. Reinstatement shall be made from this list before any new employees are hired in that job classification or any employee is reinstated from the probationary list.
Grounds Maintenance. Subject to the provisions of Article 5 (Casualty and Condemnation) Landlord shall reasonably maintain the grounds adjacent to the Building.
Grounds Maintenance. Landlord shall reasonably ------------------- maintain the grounds adjacent to the Building and the walkways, driveways, and parking areas referred to in Article XI, including reasonable levels of snow and ice removal during normal business hours.
Grounds Maintenance. All grounds, including landscaping and improvements to landscaping, and snow removal and ice melt shall be provided.