Care Service Sample Clauses

Care Service. CMP may change the Club M schedule and/or location of service and may cancel service with 10-calendar days written notice, with the exception of emergency closure.
Care Service. Building & Premises - The Group Home Centre should be located & run from a barrier free building and premises owned either by the Care Service Provider or by the National Trust and not in any rented building or premise. It should always be free from all encumbrances except those provided for in the Memorandum of Agreement. Accommodation - Accommodation for Care-seekers should be clean, spacious and fully furnished with proper ventilation and lighting in each room. Toilet and bathroom facilities should be easily accessible to the Care -seekers. Proper heating and cooling arrangement and barrier free features need to be incorporated as far as possible. Food - Every day, balanced and nutritious meals should be served in breakfast, lunch and dinner besides evening snacks / tea. Due care must be taken about hygiene and freshness of food served. Clothes - Atleast 3 sets of reasonable quality of clothes for summer and 2 sets for winter should be provide every year to the Care-seekers. Health Care Services - Round the clock availability of health care services, on an average, worth atleast Rs. 1 lakh pa per Care-seeker (at current price index) should be ensured. Provisions of therapists, doctor-on-call and health insurance facilities should be accordingly arranged in this regard. Accident & Other Emergencies - In case of accident or any other emergency, Care Service Provider should not hesitate in meeting any additional expenditure on Care-seekers for treatment etc. In this regard, accident insurance cover of not less than Rs. 50,000 (at current price index) may also be arranged by the Care Service Provider. Education / Vocational Training - Care-seekers should be provided education and vocational training to keep them gainfully engaged and to enable them to lead a life with dignity and independence. In case of any income generation in the process, Care-seekers should be given adequate financial compensation but not less than prevalent minimum wages. Transport & Mobility - Care Service Provider should ensure barrier free mobility within and outside the Group Home Centre to every Care-seeker. Recreation & Leisure - Adequate recreational and leisure facilities should be provided to all Care-seekers. TV, music, games & sports, pleasure trips, educational tours should be arranged for the Care-seekers on a regular basis. Regular Care Services - Professionally qualified Caregivers and Care-attendants should be engaged to provide round the clock care-giving to Care-seeke...
Care Service. Any health care service eligible for coverage and payment that has been denied, modified, or delayed by a decision of the HMO, or one of its contracting Providers, in whole or in part due to a finding that the service is not Medically Necessary. • Durable Medical Equipment. Equipment, as determined by HMO, which is a) made to withstand prolonged use; b) made for and mainly used in the treatment of a disease or injury; c) suited for use while not confined as an inpatient in the Hospital; d) not normally of use to persons who do not have a disease or injury; e) not for use in altering air quality or temperature; and f) not for exercise or training.

Related to Care Service

  • Vision Care Services For purposes of coordination of benefits, vision care services covered under other plans are not considered an allowable expense, as defined in the Coordination of Benefits and Subrogation in Section 7.

  • Core Services The Company agrees to provide those Core Services to the Municipality as set forth in Schedule “A” and further agrees to the process contained in Schedule “A”. The Company and the Municipality may amend Schedule “A” from time to time upon mutual agreement.

  • Future Services The Consultant acknowledges each of the following with regard to performing future services for the City: • The Consultant’s performance of Work in an Approved Service Order may create an actual or apparent conflict of interest with regard to the Consultant performing or participating in the performance of some related future services, particularly when the Work in an Approved Service Order comprises one element or aspect of a multi-phase process or project; • Such an actual or apparent conflict of interest would be a ground for the City to disqualify the Consultant from performing or participating in the performance of such future services; and • The Consultant is solely responsible for considering what potential conflicts of interest, if any, performing Work in an Approved Service Order might have on its ability to obtain contracts to perform future services.

  • Software Services If elected by Customer, the following Software Services will be made available for Customer’s use.

  • Professional Service Consultant agrees that all services and work performed hereunder will be accomplished in a professional manner.

  • Community Service Full-time Employees are encouraged by the Parties to engage in community service. Such service, if it be of a lasting nature, should be reported to the individual’s Head or Director, or University Librarian, as the case may be. Community service is seen as being beneficial to the full-time Employee and to the University, as well as to the wider community. Community service includes participation in activities and organizations outside the University where the full-time Employee’s academic, professional, and/or research interests and competencies form the basis for such participation.

  • Community Service Leave Community service leave is provided for in the NES.

  • Citizen Volunteer or Community Service Leave Leave without pay may be granted for community volunteerism or service.

  • Office Visits (other than Preventive Care Services) This plan covers office and clinic visits to diagnose or treat a sickness or injury. Office visit copayments differ depending on the type of provider you see. This plan covers physician visits in your home if you have an injury or illness that: • confines you to your home; or • requires special transportation; and • because of this injury or illness, you are physically unable to travel to the provider’s

  • IN-SERVICE At least three (3) years on the grade of Transport Officer; • Satisfactory staff performance appraisal report; • Must pass a competitive selection interview conducted by the Governing Council in consultation with the Public Services Commission.