Successful Completion definition

Successful Completion means that in the reasonable opinion of the Customer, Deliverables completed by the Supplier are fit for purpose, completed on time and otherwise meet all the criteria defined under this Contract;
Successful Completion means earning at least a grade of C- or its equivalent in early childhood education or child development course work from a regionally accredited college or university or completion of a quality- assured training course.
Successful Completion means the written receipt of credit from classes taken at a community college or university or the written receipt of a certificate from a program or private career school.

Examples of Successful Completion in a sentence

  • Successful completion of the comprehensive examination advances the student to doctoral candidacy, a requirement for registration for dissertation hours.

  • Dissertation (2-4)Prerequisite: Successful completion of Ed.D. oral and written comprehensive examination and approval of the Dissertation Proposal.

  • Graduation RequirementsAll students completing the Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership must meet the following criteria for graduation.1. Successful completion of the required 60 semester hours of coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.2.2. Submission and presentation of The Qualifying Paper (P-12 School Administration Specialization).3.

  • Prerequisites: Successful completion with a ‘C’ or better in NUR 122, BIO 205; and PSY 240.

  • Successful completion of the written and oral Comprehensive Examinations.4. Submission of approved Dissertation.5. Successful defense of the Dissertation.

More Definitions of Successful Completion

Successful Completion means a score of seventy (70) percent or greater, or a grade of “C” or better, or a rating of pass, if offered as pass/fail.
Successful Completion means:
Successful Completion. In this Agreement, “Successful Completion” means material completion by UHN of their work under each relevant Phase of the Research Program within the relevant time period prescribed in Schedule A; provided that, in respect of each Phase of the Research Program, in the event that there is:
Successful Completion means with respect to a specified human clinical trial the achievement as determined by the sponsor of such trial of the primary clinical endpoint identified in the protocol for such trial.
Successful Completion means that the Phase III Clinical Trial (a) achieved its primary clinical endpoint as defined in the protocol for the Phase III Clinical Trial and (b) had a side effect profile that does not adversely affect the Product’s eligibility to be subject to an NDA; and
Successful Completion of a particular clinical trial means that such trial has been completed on sufficient numbers of subjects to meet the regulatory requirements for proceeding to the next phase of clinical trials, the final report analyzing the data from such subjects in such trial has been completed, and the results of such data support initiating the next phase of clinical trials on the drug studied in such trial.
Successful Completion of a course shall mean a minimum grade of C or equivalent.