Successful Completion definition

Successful Completion means a score of seventy (70) percent or greater, or a grade of “C” or better, or a rating of pass, if offered as pass/fail.

Examples of Successful Completion in a sentence

Successful completion of 12 hours of coursework in the major at the graduate level (400 or above), exclusive of PLSC 500, 502, and 503.• With approval of the student’s advisory committee, six (6) of these hours may be satisfied by the following courses, which accommodate particular academic objectives but are not available within the PS department (see pp.

Successful completion of senior secondary school and two years of University/College level studies in Business Administration, Management or Accounting is required.

Successful completion is determined by a degree audit conducted by the Learner Services and Operations department.DEFINITIONSCommencementCommencement is a voluntary ceremony that recognizes the conferral of a learner’s degree.

Successful completion shall be evidenced by a certificate or card from an approved training organization.

Successful completion of the state board examination results in state certification and the ability to gain employment in the capacity of EMT.

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Successful Completion of a Competition means that the Combination finished all of the Phases of the course in accordance with the applicable course requirements (maximum allotted time, correct order without short cuts, no prohibited assistance, etc), passed all of the Horse Inspections, complied with minimum weight requirements and any applicable speed restrictions, did not withdraw or retire, was not designated as 'Failed to Qualify', was not Disqualified during or after the Competition, and complied with any applicable Mandatory Out of Competition Period(s).
Successful Completion means:
Successful Completion means a passing score on a written exam for a Department-approved facility Dining Assistant training course and satisfactory completion of competency evaluation as determined by the instructor. A Department-approved certificate will be issued to each dining assistant upon successful completion.
Successful Completion means the written receipt of credit from classes taken at a community college or university or the written receipt of a certificate from a program or private career school.
Successful Completion means material completion by UHN of their work under each relevant Phase of the Additional Research Program within the relevant time period prescribed in Schedule A; provided that, in respect of each Phase of the Additional Research Program, in the event that there is:
Successful Completion means that the license holder has:
Successful Completion means with respect to a specified human clinical trial the achievement as determined by the sponsor of such trial of the primary clinical endpoint identified in the protocol for such trial.