FURTHER PARTICULARS. 25.1 There are no terms applying to this Agreement that relate to the following:
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FURTHER PARTICULARS. In respect of each Delay Event identified in the Delay Notice, the Buyer shall, if practicable in such notice, or otherwise in writing within seven (7) days of such notice, submit to the Agent‟s Representative (with a copy to the Company‟s Representative) sufficient and detailed particulars of:
FURTHER PARTICULARS. Magdalen College Chapel is among the most active in Oxford University, with about a dozen services a week during Full Term. It is especially well known for its Choir, which was established by the Founder’s statutes of 1480 and is one of the five ancient choral foundations in Oxford and Cambridge. The Choir plays an important part in the College’s religious, educational, and cultural life, and enjoys an international reputation for excellence. The Xxxx of Divinity is Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, who officiates at most services, has general oversight of Chapel activities, and holds a variety of other responsibilities associated with pastoral care in the College, along with responsibility for College ‘Livings,’ i.e. Church of England parishes to which the President and Fellows of Magdalen are ecclesiastical Patron. He also teaches in the University’s Faculty of Theology and Religion, and is research active. The Director of Music (still known by his Latin title, Informator Choristarum) is Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, who is one of the College’s two Tutorial Fellows in Music and a lecturer in the University’s Faculty of Music. He is also active as a freelance organist and conductor. The Verger, Xxxx Xxxxx, works part-time. She is responsible for preparing the Chapel for services and welcoming the congregation. The Chapel & Choir Administrator and PA to the Informator Choristarum and Xxxx of Divinity is Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, who works full time (regular office hours). The Choir’s primary function is to sing seven services a week during University Full Term. The Choristers’ terms are longer, running from early September to mid-December, early January to late March, and late April to early July. The Choir is made up of 16 Choristers (educated at Magdalen College School), 9 Academical Clerks (students at Magdalen College), and three Stipendiary Clerks (employed annually by the College as singers in the Choir, and ordinarily recent graduates), plus the Organ Scholar (an undergraduate at the College) and the Assistant Organist (who is also Tutor to the Choristers in the School). Choir tours and recordings occur at least annually, and the Choir also performs at a variety of secular College functions during the course of an ordinary year (including singing from the Great Tower on May Morning).
FURTHER PARTICULARS. [9] In paragraph 10 of their joint memorandum counsel for TrustPower and the Council requested further particulars from the appellants. I now record my directions in the order they were applied for in that memorandum (rather than the order they were onsidered at the conference) so that the parties can readily relate the subjects of the articulars to the paragraphs in the relevant appeals. [10] In view of some rather inaccurate, or at least incomplete, reporting in the Marlborough Express I should record that I have had no personal involvement with the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society Incorporated since my resignation from it in 1996, and none with the Marlborough Branch since before that.
FURTHER PARTICULARS. English law requires the Company to provide you with various “particulars of employment”, as follows: Absence due to Sickness or Injury In addition to the Statutory Sick Pay Scheme for which the qualifying days will be Monday to Friday, the Company operates a discretionary Sick Pay Scheme for employees, details of which are as follows: 0 to 45 days of illness or injury 100% of basic pay per annum 46 to 90 days of illness or injury 75% of basic pay per annum The Company sick year runs from 1st January to 31 December each year and all payments are inclusive of any Statutory sick Pay entitlement and less any State Sickness Benefit received.
FURTHER PARTICULARS. 21.1 There are no terms applying to this Agreement which relate to the following: o The period for which the employment is intended to continue or the date when it is to end; o Any collective agreements which directly affect the terms and conditions of employment;
FURTHER PARTICULARS. This job description is subject to review and amendment in the light of the changing needs of the University, to provide appropriate development opportunities and/or the addition of any other reasonable duties. Responsible to: Arts Centre Director Responsible for: Engagement & access coordinator (which may be split into two roles) If business needs permit, this role may be considered as a job-share between two individuals Main Duties & Responsibilities Specific duties to include • To work under the direction of the Arts Centre’s Director in the organisation and implementing of an exciting and engaging arts and heritage community project. • To act as liaison between Aberystwyth Arts Centre and the communities involved as first point of contact. • This will involve implementing an approved programme of training sessions, formal and informal. • To ensure processes are in place for engaging trainers, artists and other professionals and compiling all the relevant information required to raise contracts. • To ensure information is drafted to pass to Arts Centre and University Marketing Teams for promoting the activity thus requiring effective written communication and attention to detail. • Ensuring that all financial processes are appropriately applied in terms of income and expenditure: invoicing, payment of teacher/practitioners, hire of space where appropriate etc. • To assist as appropriate the Director and other team members with the administration of project funding received and maintaining records to ensure that project funding can be accounted for rigorously and correctly. • Assisting with the gathering of feedback from customers on the provision. This data will be used to feed into annual reports and into discussions around the future project development. • The role holder would be expected to attend meetings with external groups/organization and professional bodies. This would mainly be local or Mid Wales based. • The role holder would need to be able to use their initiative and problem solve as appropriate e.g. if a trainer/artist cancels a workshop due to sickness. • The role holder will contribute to group discussions and decisions about the project offering based on their existing and developing experience.
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  • Further Acts, etc Borrower will, at the cost of Borrower, and without expense to Lender, do, execute, acknowledge and deliver all and every further acts, deeds, conveyances, deeds of trust, mortgages, assignments, security agreements, control agreements, notices of assignments, transfers and assurances as Lender shall, from time to time, reasonably require, for the better assuring, conveying, assigning, transferring, and confirming unto Lender the property and rights hereby mortgaged, deeded, granted, bargained, sold, conveyed, confirmed, pledged, assigned, warranted and transferred or intended now or hereafter so to be, or which Borrower may be or may hereafter become bound to convey or assign to Lender, or for carrying out the intention or facilitating the performance of the terms of this Agreement or for filing, registering or recording the Mortgage, or for complying with all Legal Requirements. Borrower, on demand, will execute and deliver, and in the event it shall fail to so execute and deliver, hereby authorizes Lender to execute in the name of Borrower or without the signature of Borrower to the extent Lender may lawfully do so, one or more financing statements and financing statement amendments to evidence more effectively, perfect and maintain the priority of the security interest of Lender in the Property. Borrower grants to Lender an irrevocable power of attorney coupled with an interest for the purpose of exercising and perfecting any and all rights and remedies available to Lender at law and in equity, including without limitation, such rights and remedies available to Lender pursuant to this Section 17.3.

  • Further Acts Each party agrees to perform any further acts and execute and deliver any further documents that may be reasonably necessary to carry out the provisions and intent of this Agreement.

  • Further Agreement The Primary Servicer and the Master Servicer each agree to execute and deliver to the other such reasonable and appropriate additional documents, instruments or agreements as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement.

  • Further Acts and Documents Each party must promptly do all further acts and execute and deliver all further documents (in form and content reasonably satisfactory to that party) required by law or reasonably requested by another party to give effect to this agreement.

  • Further Cooperation The parties agree that they will, at any time and from time to time after the Closing, upon request by the other and without further consideration, do, perform, execute, acknowledge and deliver all such further acts, deeds, assignments, assumptions, transfers, conveyances, powers of attorney, certificates and assurances as may be reasonably required in order to complete the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or to carry out and perform any undertaking made by the parties hereunder.

  • Further Information Prior to the Closing Date, the Company shall have furnished to the Representative such further information, certificates and documents as the Representative may reasonably request.

  • Further Assignments The Seller acknowledges that Ally Auto may, pursuant to the Further Transfer Agreements, sell the Receivables to the Issuing Entity and assign its rights hereunder and under the First Step Receivables Assignment to the Issuing Entity, subject to the terms and conditions of the Further Transfer Agreements, and that the Issuing Entity may in turn further pledge, assign or transfer its rights in the Receivables and this Agreement and the First Step Receivables Assignment. The Seller further acknowledges that Ally Auto may assign its rights under the Custodian Agreement to the Issuing Entity.

  • Further Agreements The Seller and the Servicer each agree to execute and deliver to the other such reasonable and appropriate additional documents, instruments or agreements as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement.

  • Further Acts and Assurances Each of the Parties after convincing itself agrees to execute and deliver all such further agreements, documents and instruments, and to do and perform all such further acts and things, as shall be necessary or convenient to carry out the provisions of this Agreement and to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Further Provisions A change in the rules that apply in the user company’s business shall only be binding for the private employment agency from the time that the user company informs the private employment agency of the change or from the time that the private employment agency could reasonably have taken note of the change.

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