Project Development definition

Project Development means all phases of implementation
Project Development means all activities in respect of a Project including projectcoordination, preparation of feasibility/project reports & funding proposals to GoI or other funding agencies & follow up for approvals, branding & investment promotion, handholding TSIIC in various project related approvals, land allotments, exploring private sector participation for development of infrastructure/common facilities and so on.
Project Development. Includes the design of any or all phases of a roadway in accordance with the procedures outlined in the ITD Design Manual, including outline specifications. The design shall conform to applicable standards.

Examples of Project Development in a sentence

  • The PPP Act provides for the establishment of the Public Private Partnerships Committee, the Public Private Partnerships Unit and the Project Development Facilitation Fund.

  • The BCA for Track 1 Planning and Track 2 Project Development projects should be for the underlying project, not the planning or PE/NEPA work itself.

  • OTHER RPS PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS AND ISSUESSDG&E has no additional considerations and issues to discuss at this time and reserves the right to add to this section in subsequent versions of its RPS Plan as circumstances warrant.Appendix 1 Renewable Net Short and Project Development Status Update SDG&E Renewable Net Short for RPS Procurement – January 22, 2024: The appendix herein provide the data behind SDG&E’s RPS Risk Adjusted Net Short Calculation as of January 2024.

  • RPS resources procured in SDG&E’s IRP−related procurement activities will be included in the Project Development Status Update, and their RPS volumes will be considered after adjusting REC deliveries for potential project failure.

  • Track 2 – Project Development: Track 2 consists of projects for eligible Project Development activities.

More Definitions of Project Development

Project Development means any investigation result.
Project Development means all activities relating to the development of Hutt Park and any other construction activities required to bring the development into full operation.
Project Development means research pertaining to the development of Licensed Antibodies, Licensed Biologicals, Licensed Cell Lines and/or Licensed Products performed during the Research and Development Period of this Agreement.
Project Development means the construction and development of the Project contemplated herein, which shall include all planning, permitting, design, construction, furnishing and equipping associated therewith. The Project Development shall also include all work required to: (x) coordinate the development and construction of the Project with (1) all Governmental Authorities and other persons or entities with authority, or approval rights, over all or part of the Project, and (2) all Project Consultants; and (y) obtain all Permits and Approvals.
Project Development or Transaction Advisory means all activities in respect of a Project commencing from Project feasibility study to preparation of bid documents, draft contract documents to enable invitation of bids for selection of Developer through transparent competitive bidding process for implementation of the Project on PPP format.
Project Development means the Capital Project Lifecycle Stage during which (1) the environmental review process required under NEPA and other related environmental laws is completed, and the permitting processes is advanced as appropriate; (2) preliminary engineering and other preliminary design is completed to support the environmental review and preparation of estimates of risk, costs, benefits and impacts;
Project Development means alternative analysis, environmental review and clearance, preliminary engineering, and any other activities necessary to prepare for the construction of a transit project, as defined in the transition plans.