Project Development definition

Project Development means all phases of implementation

Examples of Project Development in a sentence

  • The PM shall notify the Environmental Section of Planning and Project Development by telephone at 402-479-4766.

  • The Design-Build Firm shall refer to the Department’s Project Development and Environment Manual and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Rule 62-621.300(4)(a) for information in regard to the SWPPP.

  • To meet with Caltrans; to participate in internal Project Development Team (PDT) meetings or other Caltrans meetings.

  • Naming conventions: When emailing files, use the following language to identify your submission- “Project #, Proposal #, Let date, Business Name, GFE” and “Project #, Proposal #, Let date, Business Name, Attachment A” Email: The DBE Office will not certify Good Faith Effort and the Bureau of Project Development will consider the bid nonresponsive if the contractor fails to furnish the Form DT1506, Attachments A, and Form DT1202 if applicable, as required.

  • The DRB shall be composed of the DOTD Chief Engineer or his designee, the Contract Services Administrator, and the Project Development Director.

More Definitions of Project Development

Project Development means all activities relating to the development of Hutt Park and any other construction activities required to bring the development into full operation.
Project Development means any investigation result.
Project Development means the construction and development of the Project contemplated herein, which shall include all planning, permitting, design, construction, furnishing and equipping associated therewith. The Project Development shall also include all work required to: (x) coordinate the development and construction of the Project with (1) all Governmental Authorities and other persons or entities with authority, or approval rights, over all or part of the Project, and (2) all Project Consultants; and (y) obtain all Permits and Approvals.
Project Development means research pertaining to the development of Licensed Antibodies, Licensed Biologicals, Licensed Cell Lines and/or Licensed Products performed during the Research and Development Period of this Agreement.
Project Development means the development and construction of the Project, the scope and cost of which shall be set forth in the Project Construction Budget and Schedule and shall include the contingencies contemplated therein.