Other Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Other Responsibilities. The delivery of any notices to, and the obtaining of any consents from, any Permitted Transferee with respect to any provision of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, Sections 7.1 and 7.4, shall be your sole responsibility, unless otherwise agreed to in writing between such Permitted Transferee and the Sponsor. Neither the Company nor the Sponsor shall be liable to any Permitted Transferee for your failure to deliver a notice to, or obtain a consent from, any Permitted Transferee with respect to any provision of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, Sections 7.1 and 7.4.
Other Responsibilities. The Responsibility factors also take account of any responsibility the jobholder may have through the provision of advice and guidance on policies and procedures, research or the adaptation or development of existing or new policies and procedures. An assessment tool has been developed to help ensure that advisory, policy and similar ‘hands off’ responsibilities, such as research or democratic services, are correctly measured and allocated to the appropriate Responsibility factor. It is recommended that jobs are first evaluated on their ‘hands on’ responsibilities under each Responsibility factor and that an assessment is then made of the level of advisory/policy responsibilities and the factor to which it should be allocated.
Other Responsibilities. 1. Non-teaching duties include scholarly, research and artistic activities; service through sharing their professional expertise both within and beyond the College/University; and the mentoring and advisement of the students in their courses and programs. During the period of instruction faculty shall be present on campus as necessary to their professional responsibilities and shall also be accessible to students, faculty and staff colleagues through whatever normal, electronic, telephonic or written modes they find most convenient during the academic year. Nothing contained herein shall in any way affect the terms and/or continued application of any locally negotiated agreements and/or previous practices pertaining to non-teaching responsibilities, nor shall anything contained herein affect the rights of the College/University, UNION or Local Union under the New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act.
Other Responsibilities. Upon this agreement coming to an end or the expiry of this agreement for any reason:
Other Responsibilities. With the explicit approval of the Alumni Foundation Board of Governors, the Alumni Foundation may from time to time serve as an instrument for entrepreneurial activities for the University including but not limited to the purchasing, developing, or managing of real estate for the University, as well as University-related improvements or expansion. The Alumni Foundation may accept licensing agreements and other forms of intellectual property, borrow or guarantee debt issued by third parties, or engage in other activities to increase the Alumni Foundation revenue consistent with its mission.
Other Responsibilities. If a Communication is not verified pursuant to the Agreed Security Procedure, but we can establish that the Communication originated from you, your Authorized User or your other agent, or was originated to or for your benefit, you shall nevertheless be bound by that Communication. We shall have no liability to you if, despite verification by the Agreed Security Procedure, we delay or do not process a Communication that we in good faith believe or suspect might not be authentic or authorized. We have the right, but no obligation, to present you with challenge questions to help further authenticate your (or your users’) identity, and to deny service if you are unable to answer those questions to our satisfaction at that time. Digital Banking and its security procedures are not designed, and we have no duty, to detect errors in the transmission or content of your Communications to Digital Banking. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your Communications.
Other Responsibilities. You agree: