Definition of Point of Contact

Point of Contact means the individual designated to be a Vendor's only contact with the DCH following the public advertisement of a solicitation or the issuance of a request for a bid, proposal, or quote, until the award of a resulting contract and resolution of a Protest, if applicable.
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Examples of Point of Contact in a sentence

For each ultimate recipient to be assisted with a loan under this subpart and for which the State in which the ultimate recipient is to be located has elected to review the program under their intergovernmental review process, the State Point of Contact must be notified.
Point of Contact and Escalation: All notices, reports and correspondence required by this Contract shall be in writing and delivered to the TEA Project Manager listed in 6.2 of this ICC.
In alerting applicants that they must contact their state's Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to find out about and comply with the state's process under Executive Order 12372, it may be useful to inform potential applicants that the names and addresses of the SPOCs are listed in the Office of Management and Budget's Web site.
The VITA Contract may include a template for your use or you may obtain one from the VITA Contract's Point of Contact.
Acquire confirmation for the AOR from the E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC).