Filling of Positions Sample Clauses

Filling of Positions. All eligible employees under Section 3 who have made a timely interest bid, and meet the minimum qualifications, shall be given consideration and may be appointed to the opening prior to the consideration of other non-interest bidding applicants and prior to filling the vacancy through other means. The Appointing Authority shall not be arbitrary, capricious, or discriminatory and must have a legitimate business reason to reject all of the interest bidders. Seniority of the interest bidders shall not be a factor in appointing employees from among the interest bidders. All interest bidders shall be notified orally or in writing, which may include electronic mailing, as to the status (either under consideration, acceptance, or rejection) of their interest bid in a timely manner. If the vacancy is not filled by an employee under this Section, then it shall be filled in the following order:
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Filling of Positions. The parties agree that all appointments to vacancies covered by this Agreement shall be filled by the Employer with the procedure outlined in this Article. The parties recognize that the Employer has the exclusive authority to determine if and when vacancies are to be filled and the qualifications required of those positions.
Filling of Positions. 579. The processing of personnel requisitions for nurses will be done on an expeditious basis, with a goal of two weeks from time of issuance to the time when the position is available for hire.
Filling of Positions. (a) As soon as the Corporation is aware that a position is or will become vacant and determines that it will be necessary to fill that vacancy, it shall initiate and complete the necessary steps to fill the vacancy without delay. However, the Corporation, may at any time before the position is filled, change its determination and abolish the position.
Filling of Positions. In filling the positions covered by this Agreement, presently employed nurses shall be given first consideration on the basis of length of service as a registered nurse, provided that the skill, ability, experience, competence and qualifications of the applicants are not overriding factors. Subject to the foregoing proviso, if two individuals have identical seniority, the tie will be broken based on total bargaining unit life hours. The Employer shall make every effort to facilitate the movement of nurses to their desired shifts. In no event shall a nurse be held back from transfer to a new position for more than ninety (90) days, unless an extension is made by mutual agreement with the nurse involved. The Employer, following a decision to fill a position covered by this Agreement, will provide a written or electronic response to each applicant for the position.
Filling of Positions. A. For the position of Driver Operator, Lieutenant, Captain, ARFF Captain, Special Operations Captain, EMS Captain and Battalion Chief, where active promotional registers exist, all promotions will be made within two (2) pay periods after the vacancy occurs unless the Fire Rescue Administrator orders the freezing or elimination of said positions. The Fire Rescue Administrator shall provide the Union with written notice of two (2) pay periods in advance of any such freezing or elimination unless the vacancy is unanticipated, in which case said notice will be provided within two (2) business days. For the positions of Communication Supervisor, Communications Quality Assurance Manager, Communications Center Training Supervisor, Shop Xxxxxxx, or Fire Apparatus Maintenance Superintendent, where active promotion registers do not exist, promotions will be made within one hundred twenty (120) days after vacancy occurs.
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Filling of Positions. Positions shall be filled on a basis of; 1). Qualifications, 2). Work Record, and 3).
Filling of Positions. Section 12.1. Whenever the Employer determines a job vacancy exists in any bargaining unit position which it desires to fill, a notice of such opening, stating the job classification, job description, qualifications and rate of pay shall be posted on the bulletin board for seven
Filling of Positions. Resource nurse positions will be posted according to the specific scheduling needs of the unit. Preference among interested and qualified applicants for resource nurse positions will be awarded on the basis of their length of service on the unit. Resource nurses may request a review of the assigned FTE positions in a unit based on their hours worked during the previous four (4) month period. If the director, in consultation with the UBNPC, determines that an increase in FTE within the unit is warranted, a position shall be posted. Hours worked in relief for vacation, sick leave or leave of absence of another nurse will not be considered a basis for an adjustment in unit FTEs.
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