Exempt Employees Sample Clauses

Exempt Employees. (1) Except as may otherwise be provided by specific terms of this Agreement, C.G.S. Section 5-245(b)(1) shall be deemed to exempt from overtime payment all employees being paid above Salary Grade 24, and those unclassified positions which on June 30, 1977 were deemed exempt positions. Subject to the operating needs of the agency:
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Exempt Employees. In conjunction with Section 1 above, employees declared to be exempt by the Employer or the United States Department of Labor shall be governed by this section.
Exempt Employees a. Employees occupying positions which have been determined by the Agency to be executive, administrative or professional as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act shall receive time off for authorized time worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a workweek.
Exempt Employees. During the life of this Agreement, Section 5-245(b)(1) shall be deemed to exempt from overtime all employees being paid above Salary Grade 16. Notwithstanding the above, Section Four F of the State Coalition Agreement on Pay Equity will govern in determining whether a classification is eligible for the overtime payment.
Exempt Employees. The hourly rate to be paid for scheduled overtime worked by 1 employees will be straight time plus $8.50 per hour. 2
Exempt Employees. 18.6 Exempt employees are expected to accomplish assigned work without regard for the number of hours worked. If exempt employees need to work extra hours in the business day or week, they do not receive overtime or CTO. When it is necessary for exempt employees to work extended hours, managers may authorize informal adjustments in work hours.
Exempt Employees. General interest instructors, contract instructors, program assistants, tutors and markers are not included in the bargaining unit.
Exempt Employees. Vacation shall begin on the first full workday an employee is absent from duty. When said vacation includes a holiday, the holiday will not be considered as one of the vacation days. Vacation shall be charged only for a full day absence from duty.
Exempt Employees. All payrolls shall be calculated on a biweekly basis and employees shall normally be paid every other Friday. The Employer shall not reduce an employee’s salary or accrued leave for absences of less than one full workday.
Exempt Employees. If employees who regularly work more than half time, are absent for a full day due to illness, such absences shall be charged against their accumulated accrual of sick leave. Sick leave shall begin on the first full workday an employee is absent from duty due to illness. Sick leave pay benefits shall be credited to eligible employees at the rate of one (1) day per calendar month worked.