Under contract definition

Under contract means a provider under a written agreement with the Division or a provider approved by the Division to provide disability services to individuals who are eligible to receive services from the Division.
Under contract means the provision of services through a written contract with an individual.
Under contract means Residences under written contract to sell to bona fide third parties unrelated to Borrower, having no contingency or any other conditions not reasonably susceptible to being satisfied, providing for earnest money deposits of ax xxxxx $2,000.00, and for which Lender has received preliminary loan approval from a bona fide residential permanent lender.

Examples of Under contract in a sentence

  • Under contract means there is a written contract between the College and the employee.

  • The tenderer has to maintain the mandatory labour registers (Under contract labour (R&A) Act 1970) a.

  • Under contract with the Program Administrator, the HOPE™ Hotline assists borrowers with a preliminary assessment of their eligibility for MHA Programs and also connects borrowers with detailed program or denial questions to MHA Help, a team of housing counselors dedicated exclusively to working with borrowers and servicers to resolve MHA escalated cases.

  • Under contract between an Issuing CA and a Subscriber or the Subscriber’s Nominating RA, a copy of an entity’s encryption Keys may be escrowed by QuoVadis for possible retrieval of encrypted information upon the loss or corruption of the original encryption Keys.

  • Under contract with the Food and Nutrition Service, United States Department of Agriculture.

More Definitions of Under contract

Under contract means that there is a signed agreement with the Michigan Land Bank and a demolition contractor but grantee is waiting on final approvals for demolition.
Under contract. A project is listed as “under contract” once the last contract funded from the ARRA assistance is fully executed.
Under contract means until the player clears waivers from the applicable league). The Player may not delay the start of this contract after April 6, 1996 without prior written permission from the Team's General Manager for only the above listed reasons.
Under contract means that there is a contract from a publisher to produce a publication, whether or not a draft exists. Evidence is a letter from the publisher.
Under contract. Remaining Contract Contract Contract Billed To Amount Subcontract Sub- Type Sponsor Date Term Title Amount Date Billed To Pay contractor ---- ------- ---- ---- ----- ------ ---- ------ ------ ---------- Ballistic Missile Tracking and Malibu SBIR Ph II MDA 4/23/02 24 Months Detection with Plasma Antenna (1) $ 595,609 2/28/03 $312,521 $123,801 Research Biological Decontamination for Eastern STTR Air Force 8/1/02 12 Months Forward-Deployed Airbase $ 99,333 1/31/03 $ 49,667 $ 30,000 Virg Med Using Low Temperature Air Plasmas School Plasma Phased Array Radar Antenna Malibu SBIR NAVY 1 /31/03 Six Months Architecture (2) $ 68,587 2/28/03 $ 11,000 $ 13,355 Research
Under contract means a Residence that is subject to a signed written Sales Agreement to sell to a bona fide third party unrelated to Borrower, which Sales Agreement shall have no contingency or other conditions not reasonably acceptable to Lender, and pursuant to which the purchaser has deposited an xxxxxxx money deposit of at least One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00), and which Sales Agreement provides for a purchase price (not including upgrades) of at least ninety percent (90%) of the value of the Residence established in an appraisal by an appraiser satisfactory to lender.