Evaluations Sample Clauses

Evaluations. Pursuant to federal and state law and policy, the School is responsible for implementing principal and teacher evaluation systems that are based on efficiency, ability, contribution to student learning, and growth. The School may elect to implement the State-developed educator evaluation system or to develop and implement its own educator evaluation system that meets the criteria outlined by the Commission, as may be amended from time to time.
Evaluations. All nurses will be formally evaluated in writing prior to completion of the probationary period and thereafter on a regular and periodic basis. Where the nurse requests an evaluation, an evaluation will be given, provided that no more than one evaluation will be given per year. Interim evaluations may be conducted as may be required. The evaluation is a tool for assessing the professional skills of the nurse and for improving and recognizing the nurse’s performance. The nurse’s participation, including a self-evaluation, is an integral part of the evaluation process. The nurse will be given a copy of the evaluation, if requested. Nurses will sign the evaluation to acknowledge receipt thereof. Nurses will be given the opportunity to provide a written response to the evaluation which will be retained with the evaluation in the nurse’s personnel file. A peer evaluation format may be developed in addition to supervisory evaluation on a unit-by-unit basis by mutual agreement between unit nurses and the manager.
Evaluations. By requesting an Evaluation Subscription, you represent that you will be using the Subscription Services for Evaluation Purposes only and you understand that Red Hat is relying on the accuracy of your representation in providing you with access to the Evaluation Subscription(s). If you use the Red Hat Evaluation Subscription(s) for any other purposes, you are in violation of this Agreement and are required to pay the applicable subscription fees in accordance with Sections 1.1 and 1.2 above, in addition to any and all other remedies available to Red Hat under applicable law . Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to, using the Subscription Services provided under an Evaluation Subscription for Production Purposes, offering support services to third parties, or complementing or supplementing third party support services with Subscription Services received through an Evaluation Subscription.
Evaluations. Employees shall be evaluated annually as defined in the district support staff evaluation framework (see below) by formal observation by their supervisor with input from the building administrator if they remain in the same position, school and/or building. If an employee has a change of assignment, or is put on a plan of assistance, they shall be evaluated that same year regardless of when they were last evaluated. The evaluation shall contain a written clarification of any deficiency noted and set goals for improvement. Results of this evaluation shall be released and/or discussed with the employee, and a copy of the evaluation will be placed in the employee’s online evaluation account. The employee shall sign and receive a copy of the evaluation, but such signature shall not be construed as agreement with the contents of the evaluation. The employee may submit a written response to the evaluation. Evaluations will be completed by June 30 for full year employees and by the last day of school for school year employees. Framework
Evaluations. Red Hat may offer Evaluation Subscriptions for evaluation and not for production purposes. Evaluation Subscriptions may be provided with limited or no support or subject to other limitations.
Evaluations. 17.1 No evaluation of any employee shall be placed in any personnel file without an opportunity for discussion between the employee and the evaluator. No evaluation shall be made based on hearsay statements but shall be based upon the direct observation and knowledge of the evaluator. Any negative evaluation shall include specific recommendations for improvements and provisions for assisting the employee in implementing any recommendations made. The employee shall have the right to review and respond to any derogatory evaluation.
Evaluations. 15.1 All regular employees will be formally evaluated once each year.