Evaluation Documents Sample Clauses

Evaluation Documents. Only the final summative evaluation document, along with any comments submitted by the teacher, shall be kept in the personnel files. All other evaluation documents shall, at the request of the teacher, be either returned to him or her or destroyed.
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Evaluation Documents. Version 1 –Teaching Assistants: Special Education, EL, Reading, Instructional, Job Coaches and 1:1 Nurses • Version 2 – Teaching Assistants: LLC & Computer • Version 3 – Health Aides and Flex Nurses • Version 4 - Clerical (Includes all clerical positions.) • Version 5 - Student Supervisors • Version 6 – Facilities Services (Includes all building custodial & maintenance staff and district facilities services employees.)
Evaluation Documents. Qualitative ratings used throughout many of these evaluations will be given as one of the following (in order): Unsatisfactory;
Evaluation Documents. 1. At the completion of the evaluation cycle for tenured teachers and at the end of the school year for non-tenured teachers, a report shall be prepared by the designated evaluator. This report shall address the extent to which professional objectives established at the beginning of the school year have been met, the quality of the teacher's classroom performance and performance of other assigned school activities. The report shall include an overall rating for the year. Attached to this overall evaluation report shall be supporting documents developed throughout the year, including reports of formal or informal observations. This evaluation report shall designate areas needing improvement, if any, and recommendations for improvement in each such area.
Evaluation Documents. 14.1 Framework for Teaching Self-Assessment 38 14.2 Goal Setting Conference 38 14.3 Pre-Observation Lesson Plan 38 14.4 Formal Observation Evidence Gathering 38 14.5 Post-Observation 38 14.6 Summative Evaluation of Practice 40 15. Counselor Evaluation Criteria 15.1 Personal Characteristics 43 15.2 Relationship with Pupils 43 15.3 Individual Assessment 43 15.4 Relationships with Parents 43 15.5 Relationships with Teachers 43 15.6 Relationships with Administrators 44 15.7 Professional Attitudes and Activities 44 15.8 Consultation and Coordination 44 15.9 Counselor Summary Evaluation Report 45
Evaluation Documents. The following are the documents that may be used in the faculty evaluation process for teaching and non-teaching faculty, as incorporated in this Article by reference and attached to this Article in the Appendix.
Evaluation Documents. Only the final summative evaluation document, along with any comments submitted by the employee, shall be kept in the personnel files.
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Evaluation Documents. Copies of the evaluation documents are attached as follows: Appendix #1 Assurance Statement Appendix #2 Framework for Teaching Appendix #3 Pre-Observation Report Appendix #4 Observation Report Appendix #5 Post-Observation Report Appendix #6 Summative Evaluation/Rubric Score Sheet Appendix #7 Observation Series Guidance Appendix #8 Sample Pre-Observation Report Appendix #9 Sample Observation Report Appendix #10 Sample Post-Observation Report Appendix #11 What Teachers Need To Know Appendix #12 What Administrators Need To Know Appendix #13 Evaluation Timeline Appendix #14 Artifacts List Appendix #15 Professional Assistance Plan Appendix #16 Demonstration of Components Appendix #17 Student Growth Teacher Categories Appendix #18 Self Assessment Form
Evaluation Documents a. Each Teacher shall receive a copy of all documents which pertain to his evaluation, performance and items of a critical or disciplinary nature which are placed in his/her files. Further, each Teacher shall have the opportunity to rebut any adverse criticism, in writing, and to offer any written material which said Teacher feels may clarify his/her situation, if submitted within fifteen (15) Teacher employment days of receipt by the Teacher of the document being rebutted. Such documents shall also become a permanent part of his/her files.
Evaluation Documents. 1. All classroom evaluations of a teacher shall be made openly and with the knowledge of the teacher.
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