Summative evaluation definition

Summative evaluation means the comprehensive, end-of-cycle appraisal and shall incorporate the results of the minimum required observations, any additional observations, and required component-level data. At the discretion of the Evaluator, it may also include additional Announced, Unannounced, or Short observation data beyond the required observation data provided by other Credentialed Observers.
Summative evaluation means the annual evaluation that summarizes an educator's performance during a school year and that is used to make decisions related to the educator's employment.
Summative evaluation means an evaluation of a teacher’s performance that evaluates all domains and components of the evaluation framework that supports:

Examples of Summative evaluation in a sentence

  • The committee has completed the Formative and plans to schedule the Summative Evaluation in February.

  • Six remaining research questions will be addressed in the future Summative Evaluation for the Children’s waiver per the STC requirements.

  • The Comprehensive Summative Evaluation Performance Rating, hereafter known as the Summative Evaluation Rating (SER), shall be given at the end of the evaluation cycle for each year.

  • The DSRIP Draft Summative Evaluation Report was submitted to CMS on March 23, 2021.

  • In the years when a comprehensive evaluation is not required, staff members who received a Summative Evaluation Rating of level 3 (Proficient) or above in the previous school year are required to complete a Focused Evaluation.

More Definitions of Summative evaluation

Summative evaluation means the summary of, and conclusions from, the evaluation data, including formative evaluation data that:
Summative evaluation an evaluation, the results of which contribute to a decision regarding continued employment.
Summative evaluation means an evaluation of a building- or district-level leader’s performance that evaluates all applicable standards and functions of the evaluation framework that supports:
Summative evaluation means the final, overall assessment of a resident’s performance on a Rotation or other educational experience.
Summative evaluation. An evaluation used to arrive at a rating on each standard, an overall rating, and as a basis to make personnel decisions. The summative evaluation includes the Evaluator’s judgments of the Educator’s performance against Performance Standards and the Educator’s attainment of goals set forth in the Educator’s Plan. The summative evaluation rating must be based on evidence from multiple categories of evidence. MCAS growth scores cannot be the sole basis for a summative evaluation rating. To be rated Proficient overall, an Educator shall, at a minimum, have been rated Proficient on the Curriculum, Planning and Assessment and the Teaching all Students standards for teachers. Evaluations used to determine the Educator’s overall performance rating and the rating on each of the four standards may inform personnel decisions such as reassignments, transfers, PTS or dismissal pursuant to Massachusetts general laws.
Summative evaluation means a written summary of performance based on data collected during the evaluation cycle.
Summative evaluation means an evaluation that is used to make annual decisions or ratings of an educator's performance and may inform decisions on salary, confirmed employment, personnel assignments, transfers, or dismissals.