Employ Sample Clauses

Employ. Employ or seek to employ any person who is at that time employed by V2K, or by any other Franchisee, or otherwise directly or indirectly induce such person to leave his or her employment.
Employ ee.s are e""pected to be at work in a c.o,ndition fit for work. As such the Employer may require an Employee or candidate for employment to participate in tests to determine the capabilities ofthat person to safely perform the tasks normal for the trade in any particular assignment. Tests will be reasonable and agreed to by both parties. Union appr•oval will not be withheld without valid andjustifiable reason. , ' ,
Employ. The Director of Oversight Board is authorized to employ staff to assist in the fulfillment of the purposes of the Company, including, but not limited to, providing general support to the Oversight Board, and the Director of Oversight Board shall prepare and request the Individual Managers execute a resolution ("Staff Resolution") from time to time as needed, directing the Corporate Manager to pay for staff salaries and benefits through appropriate service providers selected as set forth below. The Corporate Manager shall follow such direction and shall proceed with the fulfillment of such Staff Resolution as directed, and shall not have any discretion to withhold any payment that is so directed, once the Corporate Manager has confirmed that the Company has sufficient funds to satisfy said obligations and once it is satisfied that the direction is in compliance with the provisions of this Section 5.3(a)(vii) and Sanctions Regime, AML Laws, and Anti-Bribery Laws. In order to do so, the Corporate Manager may require the Individual Managers to make certain representations regarding the direction, including but not limited to a representation that the direction will not knowingly cause the Corporate Manager to violate Sanctions Regime, AML Laws or Anti- Bribery Laws. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary herein, the Individual Managers acknowledge that as a matter of law they and the Director of Oversight Board are severally responsible for their own compliance with applicable Sanctions Regime, AML Laws, and Anti-Bribery Laws. The Individual Managers in said Staff Resolution or in an amended Staff Resolution may also direct the Corporate Trustee to contribute sufficient funds from the Oversight Board Trust to the Company for such purpose.

Related to Employ

Engagement Client hereby engages Consultant on a non-exclusive basis, and Consultant hereby accepts the engagement to become a financial consultant to the Client and to render such advice, consultation, information, and services to the Directors and/or Officers of the Client regarding general financial and business matters including, but not limited to:
Independent Consultant 13.1 In the performance of work or services hereunder, Consultant shall be deemed an independent contractor, and any of its agents, employees, officers, or volunteers performing work required hereunder shall be deemed solely as employees of contractor or, where permitted, of its subcontractors.
Consulting If the Executive agrees to the provisions of Section 14(e) above, then the Executive shall have the obligation to provide consulting services to the Company as an independent contractor, commencing on the Date of Termination and ending on the second anniversary of the Date of Termination (the “Consulting Period”). The Executive shall hold himself available at reasonable times and on reasonable notice to render such consulting services as may be so assigned to him by the Board or the Company’s then Chief Executive Officer; provided, however, that unless the parties otherwise agree, the consulting services rendered by the Executive during the Consulting Period shall not exceed twenty (20) hours each month; and, provided, further, that the consulting services rendered by the Executive during the Consulting Period shall in no event exceed twenty percent (20%) of the average level of services performed by the Executive for the Company over the thirty-six (36) month period immediately preceding the Executive’s Separation from Service (or the full period of services to the Company, if the Executive has been providing services to the Company for less than thirty-six (36) months). The Company agrees to use its best efforts during the Consulting Period to secure the benefit of the Executive’s consulting services so as to minimize the interference with the Executive’s other activities, including requiring the performance of consulting services at the Company’s offices only when such services may not be reasonably performed off-site by the Executive.
Employment The Company shall employ Executive, and Executive hereby accepts employment with the Company, upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement for the period beginning on the date hereof and ending as provided in paragraph 4 hereof (the "Employment Period").
Hiring Hire any person as an employee of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or promote any employee, except (i) to satisfy contractual obligations existing as of the date hereof and set forth on Schedule 4.01(e) of the Company's Disclosure Schedule and (ii) persons hired to fill any vacancies arising after the date hereof and whose employment is terminable at the will of the Company or a Subsidiary of the Company, as applicable, other than any person to be hired who would have a base salary, including any guaranteed bonus or any similar bonus, considered on an annual basis of more than $50,000.
Consultancy During the period beginning on the date on which Consultant’s employment with National Penn is terminated (the “Termination Date”) and for a period of thirty-six (36) months thereafter (the “Consulting Period”), the Consultant shall undertake to provide his personal advice and counsel to National Penn and its subsidiaries and affiliates in connection with the business of National Penn and its subsidiaries, including, but not limited to:
Employees; Independent Contractors (a) Schedule 4.15(a) sets forth the names and titles of all employees of Westlake who perform services in or on behalf of the Center, and the annual rate of compensation (including bonuses) being paid to each such employee as of the most recent practicable date. The employees listed on Schedule 4.15(a), constitute all of the employees who are in any way necessary to the continued operation of the Center as it is now being conducted.
Outside Activities During Employment Except with the prior written consent of the Company, Executive will not, while employed by the Company, undertake or engage in any other employment, occupation or business enterprise that would interfere with Executive’s responsibilities and the performance of Executive’s duties hereunder. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement, Executive may: (a) devote reasonable time to volunteer services for and on behalf of such religious, educational, non-profit and/or other charitable organizations as Executive may wish to serve; (b) manage personal investments, including investments in, and service on the boards of, other business ventures provided that such ventures are not competitive with the Company’s current or planned product offerings, except as otherwise approved by the Board or a Committee of the Board; (c) engage in teaching, writing, speaking engagements and other similar creative pursuits; (d) own less than 1% of the total outstanding shares of a publicly-traded company; and (e) engage in such other activities as may be specifically approved in writing by the Company. Nothing permitted under this Section 4 shall be considered a violation of Executive’s obligations under the CIIAA.
Engagement of Consultant The Company hereby engages Consultant to assist the Company in legal services.
Other Activities During Employment 4.1 Except for any outside employments and directorships currently held by you as listed on Exhibit B hereto, and except with the prior written consent of the Company's Board of Directors, you will not during the term of this Agreement undertake or engage in any other employment, occupation or business enterprise other than one in which you are an inactive investor.