Shift Time Sample Clauses

Shift Time. Employees, except Code Inspectors and Animal Control/Code Assistance Officers whose normal work schedule requires their working swing shifts, shall not be required to report to work on a new shift unless at least eight (8) hours have elapsed since their previous shift ended.
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Shift Time. The normal shift time and shift schedule in effect, excluding emergencies, shall not be changed unless a five (5) calendar day advance notice is given to the Union and the affected employee(s). Each employee shall be scheduled to work a regular shift and each work shift shall have a regular starting and quitting time, unless provided elsewhere in this Article, or otherwise agreed to by the Union.
Shift Time. Working By the Shift
Shift Time. Shift Time shall only apply to projects in duration of 3 or more work days. When a contract calls for shift time, the party of the second part shall provide men in eight hour shifts without payment of overtime when approved by the Union Business Representative and no Tile Layer shall be permitted to work on more than one shift of eight hours in any twenty four hours. Any work at night in an existing business will be paid at the rate of 10 hours of pay for 8 hours of work Monday through Friday, 12:00 a.m. (Midnight) on Friday all work to be paid at time and one-half, and 12:00 a.m. (Midnight) on Saturday all work to be paid at double time through 12:00 a.m. (Midnight) Sunday.
Shift Time. 1. Employees shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours or for actual time worked for each work assignment, whichever is greater.
Shift Time. NIGHT WORK. Any work between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday will be paid at 1¼ (1.25) times the base rate if such night work lasts for at least three consecutive days. If such night work lasts less than 3 consecutive days employees shall be paid at 1½ (1.5) times the base rate.

Related to Shift Time

  • Part-Time An employee who is employed less than thirty (30) hours per week.

  • Contract Time The period of time established for completion of the Project by the Contract Documents. Contract Time commences upon the date specified in the Proceed Order and ends upon the Material Completion and Occupancy Date, as it may be amended.

  • Flex Time Upon agreement of the supervisor's immediate supervisor, an individual flex-time schedule may be established.

  • Court Time An employee who is called to appear as a witness in his/her official capacity by a court, including administrative court, on a scheduled day off, a scheduled vacation day or other approved day off shall be paid for the hours so spent, including actual, necessary travel time, at his/her regular hourly rate. This hourly rate shall include the non-standard premium for those employees designated as non-standard. Payment under this Article shall be the total payment for such court time from all sources other than regular pay for the scheduled day off. An employee who is assigned a State vehicle shall be entitled to use such vehicle on such occasions.

  • Wash-Up Time 60.01 Where the Employer determines that due to the nature of the work there is a clear cut need, wash-up time up to a maximum of ten (10) minutes will be permitted before the end of the working day, or immediately following and contiguous to the working day.

  • Break Time For daily work assignments of six or more hours, permanent and probationary employees (except bus drivers and bus aides) shall be entitled to one 15-minute break for each half of the work assignment. For work assignments of less than six hours, such employees shall be entitled to one 15-minute break. Employees who spend a majority of the workday working with a Video Display Terminal (VDT) shall be permitted to perform other job-related duties (i.e., work not involving use of a VDT) 10 continuous minutes out of each hour. Such time shall not be cumulative and shall be in addition to break time established above.

  • Report Time All bargaining unit members with the exception of paraprofessionals, sign language/educational interpreters, occupational therapy assistants, and physical therapy assistants will arrive ten (10) minutes before the start of the student day. During this time, such bargaining unit members must be in the school building. However, this time may not be assigned by the Principal or other administrator.

  • Sick Time An employee shall have all of his/her accrued sick leave credits transferred when the employee is transferred to a different State agency.

  • Part-Time Teachers A "part-time teacher" is one who is employed under written contract but who is assigned to duties on a regular basis that requires less than a full-time equivalent. A part-time teacher shall be paid a salary in accordance with the basic salary schedule, proportionate to the percentage of the full-time equivalent taught each day as outlined in the written contract.

  • Regular Part-Time The establishment of a regular part-time position is a joint decision of local management and the chief xxxxxxx made in a spirit of trust and co-operation. The parties will ensure that regular part-time positions are appropriately used to maintain corporate effectiveness, not to split a regular full-time position. Regular part-time employees are regularly employed on an average of 24 hours or less per week calculated on a monthly basis. They are employed for a minimum of 16 hours per month. Regular part-time employees are treated as regular employees except where noted otherwise. Pro-Ration Formula: The regular part-time employee benefit pro-ration formula is calculated based on the hours worked by the regular part-time employee expressed as a percentage of the normal scheduled number of hours for the classification. Where the number of regular part-time hours vary in a week it will be necessary to calculate this percentage over a jointly agreed upon extended period to get an accurate figure.