Sufficient Funds definition

Sufficient Funds means that the funds at issue have been delivered for deposit to the financial institution at which such account is maintained and not that such funds are available for withdrawal in accordance with the deposit rules or the funds availability policies of such financial institution.
Sufficient Funds means there are sufficient Available Funds to complete the requested transaction.
Sufficient Funds shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.8.

Examples of Sufficient Funds in a sentence

  • Sufficient funds flow management systems are in place to mitigate such risks.

  • Sufficient funds to take delivery or the necessary delivery documents must be in the possession of

  • Sufficient funds are set aside with which to operate safe systems of work.

  • Sufficient funds shall be maintained in the Employee Fringe Benefit Fund liability account for sick leave and annual leave to cover the accumulated liability at an amount equal to 50% of the sick leave accumulation and 100% of the annual leave accumulation, including applicable Social Security (FICA) taxes thereon.

  • Sufficient funds for building maintenance will be budgeted to properly maintain facilities and equipment as well as foster energy conservation.

More Definitions of Sufficient Funds

Sufficient Funds means funds credited to the Customer Funds Account pending transfer to the proposed Payee under a corresponding Payment Order, in an amount that is sufficient to cover all the Payment Transactions to which the Payment Order relates and Fees payable to us in relation to those Payment Transactions;
Sufficient Funds has the meaning assigned in Section 5.2(b).
Sufficient Funds means such amounts as are sufficient to pay the principal of and premium, if any, and interest, due on the Notes on the stated maturity date or on a redemption date, if applicable.
Sufficient Funds means the net available funds in a settlement account of a participant in the system IPS after net settlement of payment transactions;
Sufficient Funds means the following:
Sufficient Funds. Assuming the conditions set forth in Section 8.1 are satisfied at Closing, the Financing, when funded in accordance with the Commitment Letters, shall provide Buyer with acquisition financing on the Closing Date that is sufficient to pay the aggregate consideration payable by Buyer on the Closing Date pursuant to Article II and the payment of all costs and expenses required to be paid by Buyer at the Closing.