Effective upon ratification Sample Clauses

Effective upon ratification. Operators on duty and away from home terminal, after six hours of on duty time will be allowed a meal allowance of $12.00. For each additional four hours of on duty time, the operator will be allowed an additional meal allowance of $12.00. The maximum number of meals in a calendar day will be four. After the first day, an operator away from home and not returning to his/her terminal on the same day, will be entitled to a minimum of three (3) meals. When returning to home terminal from an overnight away, an initial meal allowance will be paid, and after (6) six hours, (10) ten hours, and (14) fourteen hours of on duty time an additional meal allowance will be paid.
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Effective upon ratification the City will implement a retire-rehire program in which an employee may, upon permission by the Chief of Police, retire from the Police Bureau as a sworn employee and then be rehired by the Police Bureau as a sworn employee. An employee participating in the retire-rehire program may, on one occasion, elect to participate in Option A or Option B, as set forth below. 65.4.2 Elements Common To Both Options A & B.
Effective upon ratification the University shall make a fund available to the Union to reimburse eligible bargaining unit members for legal expenses where counsel is retained for advising the SW on matters relating to their working conditions at the University. Commencing upon ratification, this fund shall be in the amount of $100,000 for the remainder of FY 22 and then for each fiscal year thereafter for the life of the Agreement.
Effective upon ratification previously classified Article 22.4(b) drivers shall be reclassified to Regular Package Car Drivers (RPCDs), placed in seniority according to the applicable Supplement, Rider or Addendum and have their pay rate adjusted to Top Rate or applicable Article 41, Section 2.c. progression rate, effective August 1, 2023. Further, they will be covered by the Article 37 “9.5” provisions and “8 hour requests” as well as all other rights and benefits as an RPCD. The parties agree in those buildings where the Employer is currently utilizing or elects to utilize in the future, a six (6) day package delivery operation the following will apply:
Effective upon ratification the bargaining unit shall have the ability to divert wages to pension. All pension payments shall be made in accordance with Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust rules.
Effective upon ratification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement commencing July 1, 2010 a member of the bargaining unit who retires may elect to not have retiree medical insurance and the Medicare Supplement Plan provided to the member by the Town of New Canaan. If the member elects this option, the Town of New Canaan will compensate the member four thousand dollars ($4,000.00) annually, in monthly payments of three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty four cents ($333.34). A member who elects to waive retiree medical coverage, including coverage under the Medicare Supplement Plan, may not subsequently receive coverage under the Town's medical plans, including the Medicare Supplement Plan, once the retired member makes that election.
Effective upon ratification the Company shall contribute to the Union Resource Development Fund at the rates described below per hour worked by bargaining unit employees. Said monies to be paid monthly, by separate cheque. May 15, 2013 May 15, 2014 May 15, 2015 URDF Rate $0.06 per hour $0.07 per hour $0.08 per hour
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Effective upon ratification the City shall reimburse bargaining unit employees who have successfully completed probation up to $350 for an initial pair of leather structural firefighting boots. The City shall provide said reimbursement in accordance with the procedure set forth above for safety shoes, except that any bargaining unit member requesting the replacement of more than one (1) pair of boots in a three (3) year period shall satisfactorily demonstrate in writing on a form provided by the City that the replacement of boots is necessary due to job related wear and tear or accidental destruction. The Fire Chief or designee shall have final approval for early replacement of boots suspected of non-job related wear and tear, or damage.
Effective upon ratification the employer will pay 100% of the monthly premium for the current spouse of the eligible retiree at the time of retirement for those eligible retiring employees with twenty-five (25) or more years of service,
Effective upon ratification. (April 1, 2004), employees hired into the bargaining unit will not be eligible for longevity pay.
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