PRODUCTIVITY. The Productivity Scheme which was agreed to is: Contained in Annexure B.
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PRODUCTIVITY. The Union shall place no limitations upon the amount of work which an Employee shall perform during the working day and there shall be no restrictions imposed against the use of any type of machinery, tools or labour saving devices.
PRODUCTIVITY. 18.01 The Union and the Contractor recognize the mutual value of improving by all proper and reasonable means the productivity of the individual worker, and both will undertake individually and jointly, to promote such increased productivity.
PRODUCTIVITY. The parties recognize that delivery of essential municipal services in the most efficient and effective manner is of paramount importance and interest to the City and the Union. Maximized productivity is recognized to be a mutual obligation of both parties within their respective roles and responsibilities. The parties may agree to meet at mutually convenient times to discuss means of increasing departmental productivity.
PRODUCTIVITY. 10.01 The Union and Employer recognize the reciprocal value of improving, by all proper and reasonable means, the productivity of the individual employee; and undertake jointly and severally to promote and encourage such improved productivity.
PRODUCTIVITY. The following provisions shall be applicable to the plant level productivity incentive schemes:
PRODUCTIVITY. It is the intent of the parties to achieve and sustain maximum productivity per employee during the term of this agreement. In return to the City for the wage rates and working conditions herein provided and consistent with the principle of a fair day's work for a fair day's pay, the Union pledges its agreement with the objective of achieving the highest level of employee performance and efficiency consistent with safety, good health and sustained effort. Management may provide rewards to employees for improvements in productivity; however, such rewards shall not change the employee's pay rate as contained in Schedule A.
PRODUCTIVITY. For the duration of this Agreement, VCPPOA and Management agree to jointly support efforts to increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and economy in all operations through improving methods, reducing waste, and in exploring and implementing change that will contribute to sound, effective, economical County government.
PRODUCTIVITY. The parties recognize that delivery of essential municipal services in the most efficient and effective manner is a common goal of the City and the Union. Individual effectiveness and productivity may be maintained and improved through orientation, primary function training, maintenance of attendance, and performance review. Management effectiveness and efficiency of operations may be maintained and improved through management training and performance review. It shall be a combined effort of the City and the Union to obtain the ability to achieve maximum yield out of allocated resources by effective management and measurement, cross-training, achievement-oriented employees and supervisors, and utilization of modern technology. The Union will support and assist in the implementation of methods of increasing department productivity and maintaining safe work places. The City will endeavor to develop policies with Union assistance to increase department productivity, maintain safe work places, and otherwise increase and maintain the morale of employees. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to communicate ideas and suggestions to their supervisors without retribution.
PRODUCTIVITY. The parties recognize the need to economize in the face of shrinking fiscal resources available to the County. Because of this, the parties pledge their support and cooperation in an effort to increase productivity and efficiency during the life of this Agreement.