Displaced Employee Sample Clauses

Displaced Employee. An employee who has been affected by the introduction of the layoff procedure and has not returned to a position comparable in pay and hours to that which he/she held prior to displacement.
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Displaced Employee. A regular employee who is displaced by a more senior regular employee.
Displaced Employee. An employee who is displaced pursuant to Section 19.5.3 or 19.5.4 shall have access to the same process described in Sections 19.5.1 through 19.5.4.
Displaced Employee. An employee in a home position displaced by the bumping process shall be entitled to all provisions of Article 10 with the exception of Article 10.2(b).
Displaced Employee. (1995) A displaced employee, or one whose position is abolished, who fails to make his/her choice within five (5) days or who after making his/her choice fails to commence work within thirty (30) days, in accordance with the provisions of article 21.2, shall forfeit his/her seniority and his/her name shall be removed from the seniority list.
Displaced Employee. A. An employee whose position is eliminated or
Displaced Employee. A bargaining unit employee whose position has been/is/or will be eliminated due to an adjustment of the military training contract.
Displaced Employee. An employee, who as a result of reduction in the workforce, is receiving wages, but is not working in their original department and classification. XXXX CANADA INC. XXXXXXXXXXX PLANT LOCAL YOUR GROUP INSURANCE AND PENSION BENEFITS PROGRAM NAME: Your Group Insurance Benefits a significant portion of your total compensation package at Xxxx Canada Inc. We hope that you will take time to review the enclosed details of your Plan completely, so that you and your family may enjoy its fullest advantages. Please keep this important booklet in a safe place for future reference. TO ENROL SECTION A IN THE EVENT OF DEATH OR ACCIDENTAL INJURY OF DISABILITY OR ILLNESS OF OR DENTAL EXPENSES OF OR TERMINATION OF SECTION B SECTION C SECTION D SECTION E SECTION F HOW TO CLAIM SECTION G PENSION BENEFITS SECTION H HOLIDAYS AND VACATIONS SECTION I OTHER PROGRAMS CAR HOME INSURANCE SECTION J AND ASSOCIATIONS EMPLOYEES' STOCK PURCHASE PLAN REGISTERED RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLANS SECTION K This booklet describes the principal features of your Group Insurance and Pension Plans. The complete terms of the Group Insurance and Pension Plan coverage are set forth in Group Insurance Policies issued by the Company and the Pension Plan text. These policies -are the governing documents in any question of interpretation. Detailed information about benefits or other provisions of policies may be obtained from your Personnel Office. Updated as at June SECTION A -TO To enrol on or after October you must complete a Positive Enrolment form, and return it to your Personnel Officewithin days of becoming eligible to join the Plan. If you enrol after days, evidence of insurability will be required. ELIGIBILITY You are eligible to join the Plan ‘on the first of the month after you have completed days of employment, if you are a permanent, and actively at work on this date. If you transfer to the Xxxxxxxxxxx plant, having completed all or part of the above probationary period with another facility of Xxxx Canada Inc., you are eligible to join the Plan, effective on the date of transfer, or on the completion of your probationary period, if you are actively at work on that date. FAMILY MEMBERS. Your spouse or dependent children (as defined below) arc also eligible to join Plan at the same time as you are eligible. Please that no person may be eligible for benefits both as an employee and as a-dependent, or as a dependent of more than one SPOUSE For the purpose of this Group Insurance Plan, a spouse is define...
Displaced Employee. Pursuant to 5 CFR 330.604(c). A current career or career conditional competitive service employee in tenure group 1 or 2, at grade levels GS-15 or equivalent and below, who has received a specific reduction in force (RIF) separation notice.
Displaced Employee. (1995) A displaced employee, or one whose position is abolished, who fails to make his/her choice within five