Section I Sample Clauses

Section I. Definitions
Section I. CRITICAL ILLNESS BENEFIT We will pay the Sum Insured as specified in the Policy Schedule/ Certificate of Insurance to the Insured Person on the first diagnosis of any of the following Critical Illness during the Policy Period, provided that the signs or symptoms of below mentioned Critical Illness first commenced at least 90 days after the commencement of the first Policy Period of this Policy with Us and subsequent to completion of the Survival period as mentioned in the Policy Schedule/ Certificate of Insurance and shall include: • First diagnosis of the below-mentioned Illnesses more specifically described below
Section I. A.1. of the Custodian Agreement is hereby amended and restated to read in full as follows:
Section I. The Employer recognizes the Association as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for all food service staff regularly employed by the Board, it specifically being the intent of the parties hereto that membership in the Association shall not be a condition of employment nor used as a point of discrimination in the rights, benefits or obligations under this agreement.
Section I. The Personnel Department will mail to the Union copies of all recruitment bulletins. Tentative examination bulletins approved by the Head of the Examining Division of the Personnel Department will be mailed two (2) calendar days prior to the date that said bulletins are scheduled to be approved by the Civil Service Commission.
Section I. UU. of the Loan Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows:
Section I. The City will make every reasonable effort to provide safe working conditions. The Association will encourage all employees in the Unit to perform their work in a safe manner. Each employee should be alert to unsafe practices, equipment and conditions, and should report any hazardous condition promptly to his/her immediate supervisor. Said supervisor must:
Section I. Management will provide bulletin boards or space at locations reasonably accessible to Union members, which may be used by Union for the following purposes:
Section I. Insurance of drivers and other passengers from the consequences of a traffic accident while driving and operating motor vehicles owned or leased by the insurance contractor (company VIATOR d.o.o) - in case of death of the driver and passenger as a result of an accident: HRK 50,000.00 - in case of permanent disability as a result of an accident: up to HRK 100,000.00
Section I. 1. of the Loan Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the first sentence thereof in its entirety and substituting the following therefor: “The Committed Line shall expire on April 22, 2011 (the “Expiration Date”), unless extended in the discretion of the Bank or terminated by the Borrowers as provided herein.”