Casual Employee Sample Clauses

Casual Employee. A casual employee is one who is employed as a relief or on a replacement basis and is available for call-ins as circumstances demand.
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Casual Employee. Seniority for a casual employee is defined as the total number of hours worked by the employee at the worksite up to a maximum of the annual full-time equivalent 1879.2 hours per year. A regular employee who terminates her employment and is rehired by the same Employer as a casual employee within thirty (30) calendar days shall retain her seniority accrued as a regular employee.
Casual Employee. A casual employee who works on a paid holiday listed in Article 39.03 (A)(a) shall be paid one and one half (1.5) times her rate of pay.
Casual Employee. Casual employee shall mean an individual who is hired on a job contract or on an hourly basis for unscheduled or irregular work. The only provisions of this Agreement applying to the employment of casual employees are contained in Schedule B.
Casual Employee. 501 Casual Employee - means an employee as defined under Article 305. The terms of this Collective Agreement shall not apply to casual employees except as provided below.
Casual Employee. A casual employee is one who is employed:
Casual Employee. A casual employee shall be paid in respect of every day or part of a day of employment not less than one-fifth of the weekly wage prescribed for a labourer in subclause (1), read with subclause (12).
Casual Employee. An employee who is not regularly scheduled to work but is employed to relieve vacancies or to perform emergency or non- reoccuring or irregular short-term relief work as required by the Employer.
Casual Employee. A casual employee is an employee not covered by this Agreement and hired for a specific short term job, including replacement of short term leaves of absence and whose employment ceases on completion of the specified work assignment. A casual employee may work 20 consecutive working days or less.
Casual Employee. (a) A casual employee shall mean an employee employed to perform work of an irregular nature and generally short-term.